The Time When He-Man Impaled Superman By His Sword, And Superman Died. Here’s How It Happened


Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, is always considered as the greatest superhero ever and is an example of humanity’s potential. He made his debut in Action Comics #1 and ever since, the Man of Steel has faced so many adversaries and has endured a lot of tough adventures. He comes out of his intense escapades unscathed, and it is due to the powers that he has. Under Earth’s star, Superman is the strongest man on the planet. He has heat vision, is invulnerable, can fly, possesses super speed and X-ray vision.

Very few characters present a challenge to Superman, which made a few readers consider that Kal-El is a boring person and that he can do almost anything and no one can beat him. But there are rare moments when Superman has been killed.

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In DCU Vs. Masters Of The Universe, the Justice League fights with He-Man. Although the strongest hero in Eternia, He-Man was not as strong as the Man of Steel, but with the magic armaments, it really did not matter. In spite of the two sides being packed with heroes, Skeletor masterminds a plan to destroy He-Man. This plan had involved mind-controlling Superman into killing He-Man.

The fight between them was brutal and fast. But this battle had a shocking end and He-Man then stabs Superman through his chest with the magic power sword and killed him.

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