15 Batman Comics Are Hilariously Inappropriate When They Are Out Of Context


We can all agree that Batman comics, the older ones in specific have been known for their very much silly situations, pretty lame catchphrases, and weird relationship between the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder.

What you may not have known now is that a few of these ‘seemingly’ innocent comic book scenes can be inappropriate to a reader who has a dirty mind. Some of the scenes have been taken out of context that we are left with just imagination. And in some others, the mid-20th-century vocabulary simply makes us laugh.

Well, get ready for a whole lot funny moments between Batman and Robin, and the Joker:

15. Batman Batter?


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14. Batman Likes To Get “Good And Wet”

13. Bruce Just Isn’t Acting Gay Enough


12. Boners…And More Boners

11. Now Robin Wants To Get Wet, Too


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9. Batman’s Wobbly Knees

8. He Means Richard?

7. Is That A Utility Belt In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

6. Batman’s Leather Thong


5. Robin Will Expose Himself

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4. Batman And Robin Bonding Session

3. The Joker Forced Batman Into A…What?


2. The Joker Has Batman In A Compromising Position

1. Bruce Has Other Needs