Hilarious Groot Memes That Will Make You Miss This MostAdorable GOTG Character


Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely among the biggest blockbuster franchises’ if not the biggest ever. The decade-old shared universe has featured a large number of Marvel heroes and constantly brought to us bright, optimistic, heroic comic book movies sprinkled with a good dose of humor. In fact, their humor and character choice is what makes MCU such a raging success. Frankly, when it comes to characters, they simply have a Midas touch and no matter which comic book storyline or character they choose, it always becomes a fan favorite. After introducing the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, MCU showcased the Guardians of the Galaxy, an unlikely bunch of aliens from various corners of the galaxy that came together and became a mighty team.

While various Guardians members like Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Rocket Raccoon have got their own fans, it is the Groot who is not only a key character who has managed to save the day for Guardians many a time, despite muttering only three words “I am Groot.” He sacrificed himself to protect his friends in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie and was then revived. In the second movie, we saw him as a carefree baby Groot who won us over in the opening sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and has got vast legions of fans now. The great news for Groot fans is that he is soon going to be a part of the Avengers; Infinity War. To celebrate his comeback, let’s have a look at the most side-splitting Groot memes. Go ahead and laugh out loud!

Cutest Dancing Groot!

Drop The Bass!

They’ll Need It!


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I Am Groot!



Not Even Mad!

Don’t Angry Him!

The Discussions!



This Is Hilarious!

Best Conversation Ever!

Ohh Yeah!


You Don’t Deserve Him!




Even He Yells Cute!

Most Lovable Character!

Everyone’s Reaction!

Biggest Savage!


Give It Back!

Kids Be like!

So Charming!

Monday Mood, I am Baby Groot!


Still The Best!

He is Root!

This Could Be Fun!