35 Hot Pictures Of Candice Patton Who Plays Iris West In Flash TV Series


It won’t be wrong to say that Candice Patton is among the hottest women in entertainment industry today. She is a part of one of the most famous shows on television and that makes her attend a lot of Red Carpet events as well as promotional and magazine photoshoots. While some of her critics might say that she hasn’t fully achieved her potential, but, she has played numerous roles and her most prominent performance has been in the hit series The Flash on The CW’s Arrowverse. Her character of Iris West has bewitched fans and her sexy images are highly sought after, among the fans. Just type Candice Patton in Google and there will also be links like sexiest Candice Patton pictures, Candice Patton bikini photos, beach photos of Candice Patton or Candice Patton swimsuit images etc.

While most of her fans seek hot pictures of Candice Patton, not a lot of them know life facts related to Candice Patton. Once in a while questions like, what did Candice Patton do before becoming an actress or what is Candice Patton bra size and body measurements, crop up and today we have decided to not only provide you with the hottest Candice Patton photos, but, we are also going to reveal 15 facts about Candice Patton that all fans should know. Go ahead and check them out below!

1. She was born on June 24, 1988.

Candice Patton Feet

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2. While she was born in Jackson, Misssissipi, she was brought up in Plano, Texas.

Candice Patton Bra


3. She graduated from Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

Candice Patton Cleavage

4. Her height is 5’4”.

 Candice Patton Selfie Time


5. Her measurements are 35-25-34

 Candice Patton on Beach

6. Candice Patton’s bra size is 34B

 Candice Patton Sexy Feet

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7. Besides acting, she has also done modelling.

 Candice Patton Ass

8. She has been working since 2004.


 Candice Patton Bikini

9. Her mother is an opera artist and her father is an engineer cum musician.

 Candice Patton Red Dress

10. Her parents had a love marriage, but, they divorced when Candice was only 5-years-old.


 Candice Patton Legs

11. While Candice has done several TV shows, her most famous performance has been in The Flash, and she ha also appeared in other Arrowverse shows.

 Candice Patton Beautiful

12. Her first movie break was in 2011’s film, The Craiglist Killer.


 Candice Patton Sexy Legs

13. She has a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree, with specialization in drama.

 Candice Patton Amazing

14. She is not married, but, in an unconfirmed live-in relationship.


 Candice Patton Drinking Juice

15. She had to face a lot of controversy when she was first cast as Iris West in The Flash, since the character’s comic book version had a white Iris, but, her brilliant work and hot looks have now made her the fan favorite.

 Candice Patton Lingerie



 Candice Patton Hairstyle

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 Candice Patton Fun Time



 Candice Patton Hot


 Candice Patton Sexy



 Candice Patton Rooftop


 Candice Patton Sexy Dress



 Candice Patton Hot Pictures


 Candice Patton Pantie


Candice Patton Dashing


Candice Patton Nude


Candice Patton Black Dress

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Candice Patton Booty


Candice Patton Garden


Candice Patton Smile


Candice Patton Party


Candice Patton Lips

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Candice Patton Good Looking


Candice Patton Outdoor


Candice Patton Hot Pictures


Candice Patton Photo Shoot