25 Hot Pictures Of Lady Death – One Of The Hottest Comic Book Character Of All Time.


Lady Death is known as one of the hottest women in the Coffin Comics universe and this sexy character was created by Brian Pulido. She made her debut appearance in Evil Ernie #1 in December 1991. So, while we are talking about this hot woman, we want to now take you on a ride through a Lady Death photo gallery. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest Lady Death pictures that will make you fall in love with her.

This hot character also appeared in Evil Ernie: The Resurrection miniseries and the character had even been the topic of an animated feature movie. This film was released by July 2004.

The incarnations and versions of Lady Death have always been illustrated by artists like Mike Deodato, Jr., Steven Hughes, Ivan Reis, and Romano Molenaar. Brian Pulido had also optioned the publishing licenses via many independent companies like Avatar Press and as of the year 2016, this sexy character was published by Coffin Comics, LLC.

This character was depicted in a whole lot of artworks by so many fantasy artists like Gerald Brom, Dorian Cleavenger, Joe Jusko, Boris Vallejo, and Julie Bell. This sexy character is a great example of the bad girl titles waves that had taken over the American comic book industry in the 1990s.

We had a few early issues of this character and these had been written by Brian Pulido and the artworks were done by Steven Hughes. The sexy Lady Death had been created as a very violent anti-hero and her the versions and iterations of this character that followed then toned down Lady Death’s controversial elements.

In the year, 2002, Chaos! Comics had filed for their Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the rights of Lady Death had been bought by CrossGen Entertainment. Pulido had then continued working on the character for Crossgen and even created a whole new series which went by the name, Medieval Lady Death and this iteration of the character had a lot of changes.

In spite of the Medieval Lady Death series having enjoyed a good amount of sales, CrossGen Entertainment soon went through some financial difficulties and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by 2004 and during this bankruptcy proceedings, all the rights of the sexy character had been bought by Avatar Press.

By 2004, a long feature-length motion picture (animation) based on the first version of this character had been released and was produced by ADV film. This feature had premiered at Comic-Con International in 2004 and the movie, unfortunately, failed to perform.

By 2005, Avatar Press had soon revealed a whole new version of this character and Medieval Lady Death and the well-known Classic Lady Death had been published in different series and Pulido had written both these series and it also featured illustrations by Daniel HDR, Juan Jose Ryp, Ron Adrian, Richard Ortiz, Gabriel Guzman, and Di Amorin.

By 2010, Avatar Press had revealed that it will be creating a separate imprint, Boundless, for publishing all the new comics which would be starring this character and in 2015, Pulido then launched Lady Death stories via Kickstarter and the next year, Pulido started publishing all-new stories under Coffin Comics, LLC.

Now, that we have given you a background about this character, let us start looking through the images. These sexy Lady Death photos will make you wonder how a fictional character can be so attractive. So, we have also gathered a few Lady Death bikini and swimsuit featuring Lady Death’s face and body and a few of Lady Death’s cutest pictures.


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