15 Hottest Morena Baccarin GIFs


Whenever the discussion veers towards the amazing hot females from the superhero genre, Morena Baccarin invariably finds mention. The 38-year-old Brazil born beauty has been a part of several highly acclaimed superhero TV shows and movies. Among her ongoing stints is the Deadpool character of Vanessa, who is the prostitute cum girlfriend of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds).

After spending her initial years in Rio De Janeiro, Morena had to move to Greenwich Village, New York with her family when they relocated there due to her father’s professional commitments. She gets her drop-dead gorgeous looks due to her Italian origins and Brazilian place of birth. You would be surprised to know that her name is a Portugese word and it means ‘brunette.’ Morena is incredibly beautiful and it is her sultry, tanned complexion that only ups the heat several notches.

She first came to be noticed in the sci-fi series Fire-Fly where she played a 26 century character that was a hybrid between a Japanese geisha and a female escort. Her character had finesse,  social standing, dignity and compassion. In that show she had some kind of suppressed romantic tension which was never fully uncorked. Among her most prominent  roles at present is the portrayal of Dr. Leslie Thompkins in Gotham. She happens to be a highly talented young physician working at Arkham asylum who comes across a chastised Jim Gordon who has been demoted to the security detail at the asylum.

Dr. Thompson admires Gordon for the way he stands against corruption and she supports him. There was ample scope for a romantic relationship between her and the detective. Although, we couldn’t see much steam there, but, she surely rocked the boat when we talk about Deadpool. The lengthy love-making scene that she shot with Ryan Reynolds for over two days has been the topic of discussion in media and web forums for long time.

Morena said that the scenes were really a torture for her. In fact, even her co-star Ryan Reynolds felt that the scenes were quite a trauma for him as well. Baccarin even confessed that she had to resort to multiple tequila shots to sail through those scenes. However, she loves her character a great deal. “I wasn’t searching for comic-book or sci-fi things, but it feels like there’s a huge influx of them now and the characters are so interesting, especially for women,” she said about her Deadpool character. “It’s not often you get to play a badass chick or somebody with an opinion or a vulnerability.”

We will soon see Morena Baccarin back as Vanessa in Deadpool 2 and her fans are eagerly waiting to see her indulge in some passionate, romantic moments with Wade Wilson. In fact, she is so popular that there are plenty of hot gifs featuring this stunning actress available online. Since Deadpool 2 is releasing soon, we decided to create this amazing compilation of hot Morena Baccarin GIFs to get you all excited for her. Go ahead and enjoy a hotter summer courtesy Morena Baccarin!