30 Possible Ways Thanos Can Be Defeated By Avengers According To Comic Books (Massive Article)

Avengers defeat Thanos

Thanos, Marvel’s purple villain, is a huge deal now after the release of Avengers: Infinity War. After 10 years of 18 epic Marvel movies, the fans have reached the year of the first epic ensemble film starring this villain. As the directors had warned us before, we see the wrath of Thanos within the first five minutes of Infinity War.

How will the Avengers solve this problem and stop Thanos?

Going by the comic history of this villain, we have compiled a list of all the times in history that Thanos was destroyed by Marvel’s heroes. 


Thanos had started off as a Dr. Claw-kind of threat, but he did not get his hands dirty. Like his first appearance in Iron Man, the Mad Titan’s defeat came to pass through a robotic duplicate. He did not do anything until he possessed the Cosmic Cube and faced Mar-Vell.

By utilizing his omnipotence, the purple villain had rid the Earth of the population and he went to the extent of discarding this powerful Cosmic Cube by becoming a huge neon entity across the sky.

Captain Marvel was not really a match for this villain while he was in this form, but Thanos soon realized that if it were to be discarded, the Cube would continue being the source of all his abilities. The Mad Titan did try to destroy Mar-Vell’s environment around, the Captain used his remaining strength and destroyed the Cosmic Cube and then killed Thanos.

Captain marvel defeat thanos

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Marvel’s Adam Warlock had once teamed up with Earth’s Mightiest heroes, the Avengers in order to stop Thanos from destroying the solar system. They had failed miserably, and Warlock died, and his soul was inside the Soul Stone with Gamora and Pip the Troll.

Moondragon then reached out and showed this to the mind of a sleeping Peter Parker. Parker went to Thing and said, “Yo, I had the weirdest dream. Want to help me save the world just in case?”

While the Mad Titan Thanos got some villain points for refusing to monologue in front of all the heroes at the cost of giving them an advantage, Spider-Man and Thing had freed all the superheroes. The Avengers and Thing then jobbed out to Thanos something very fierce, but Spidey shattered open a globe with the Soul Stone, and it released Adam Warlock in a fiery ghost form, and Warlock then grabbed onto Thanos and made him into a statue.

Adam warlock beat Thanos


Thanos had appeared in the Spidey Super Stories. The take on Thanos had chased the Cat (Hellcat) with a helicopter, and he had stolen the Cosmic Cube from a young boy called Speedy. Having the artefact, he was unstoppable to the Cat and Spider-Man until he had created an earthquake which affected all the enemies and the Cube then fell from his hand. Spider-Man said, “You were too tricky for your own good, Thanos!”

Speedy then took the Cube and wrapped up the Mad Titan in grass, and the police hand-cuffed Thanos and took him away.


The huge event that had inspired Avengers: Infinity War had Thanos trip himself up. He had the Infinity Gauntlet, and it allowed him to mould the entire universe at his will. After he defeated the superheroes and overpowered the cosmic entities, he then went one-on-one with Eternity. Thanos then won and escaped his body and became an unbeatable force. His body had a strong hold on the Gauntlet and like a car with its keys in the ignition, the godly power was there for the taking. Nebula then zipped over to snatch it and gained omnipotence and Thanos was soon demoted.

Thanos teamed up with the heroes and fought Nebula and then faked his death by getting hit really hard by Thor that he exploded.

Nebula defeated Thanos

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A super memorable moment in Infinity Gauntlet series was where the Mad Titan had down-powered himself so that the heroes could beat him. But they died and this was all part of the big plan. It was a just a distraction so that Silver Surfer could get the Gauntlet.

But he had missed.

One story showed the Surfer wielding the Gauntlet with a lot of good intentions at heart and he wanted to make the world a much better place but went insane from the power. Dr. Strange then had a plan to bring in Shalla Bal for getting some sense into his head, and Surfer then destroyed the Gauntlet.

In yet the other story, Surfer successfully pulled the Gauntlet but he then fumbled it because Thanos had blasted at him. The Gauntlet was then snatched by Impossible Man.

Silver Surfer beat thanos


In the 90s, Andy Kubert and Mark Waid had done a Ka-Zar ongoing which had lasted for a year. Like Thor, Ka-Zar had taken on the bad and evil brother and was working for the Mad Titan. Thanos had a few plots and these were dependant on terraforming the universe. This would mean that plant life could actually kill everyone.

Thanos had easily towered over Ka-Zar and shrugged off all the attacks. They then had a fight in a volcano and Thanos soon had Ka-Zar in what we call a bearhug. The power of, well, love had soon given Ka-Zar Spider-Man like strength, and he escaped and knocked the Mad Titan right into lava.

That was not the end of the Mad Titan, and he came back from the hot lava, and what happened after that was confusing and it also involved events around a magic medallion.

Thanos defeated in comics


After he had lost to Ka-Zar, the Mad Titan had been locked up in an energy dimension and could not escape. He tried his best to convince Hulk to get him out in exchange for power and Nate Grey had interfered. X-Man and Hulk were absolutely no match for the colossal purple villain.

X-Man transferred his telekinetic shield on Hulk. Hulk then overpowered Thanos, and he then made him go back into the portal. All of the Mad Titan’s connection to reality had been cut, and all the heroes went on in their own ways.

Hulk beat Thanos

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The purple villain had joined forced up with Mangog in this issue. Thor had taken out Mangog in a badass way but was no match for Thanos. Odin asked Jagrfelm to make a few new weapons for buffing up the God of Thunder’s powers Thanos’ level.

Now all enhance, Thor had fought the Mad Titan to a standstill until he had destroyed an empowering artifact and turned Thanos back to normal. Thor thrashed Thanos and Tarene used magic for exploding Thanos.

Odin defeated Thanos


Squirrel Girl had joined forces the Great Lakes Avengers. GLX-Mas Special showed the Mad Titan come to Earth after Squirrel Girl defeated MODOK. Thanos then talked up his plot to rule the universe using the Pyramatrix.

We later saw that she had defeated Thanos on her own but it was not explained how she earned victory.

Squirrel girl defeated Thanos


The very first Annihilation was about a story which planted seeds for the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Mad Titan was a henchman to Annihilusand a part of the reign was to do with Galactus who was captured. The Mad Titan learned that Annihilus had plans that were too far for Thanos and he then decided to help Marvel’s heroes through releasing Galactus.

But he soon noticed that Death was in the room and soon Thanos’s heart was torn out from behind by Drax the Destroyer who was created to kill the Mad Titan.

Drax Killed Thanos

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In Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #16, the purple villain had clobbered Captain Mar-Vell and knocked the hero into Earth. He then joined forces up with Fantastic Four and battled against Thanos. A part of this issue had focussed on the shape-shifting nanites.

First, out heroes used this fog for creating duplicates of themselves and for battling Thanos. This did not go as planned and Sue had funnelled this fog into the Mad Titan’s mouth. This completely shut down Thanos.

Fantastic four vs thanos


The Marvel Zombies series had come to an end with many of the ‘zombie heroes’ eating up Galactus. They then devoured planets and their inhabitants as well.

Zombie Thanos had then ranted about the Zombie version of Hulk devouring a lot of food and putting everyone in this very situation, but soon Hulk clapped over the Ma Titan’s head and this caused an explosion. Gladiator did try to eat Thanos’ fragments but then vomited it all out.


A What If issue had shown the fans a world where Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Hulk, were the New Fantastic Four because of the original team had died. A sequel had then shown us how things would have come to pass if they were around during Infinity Gauntlet.

The team did not agree really to Adam Warlock’s “everyone die so we can maybe steal the Gauntlet” plan, but all attempts to battle against the Mad Titan did not work out very well. Wolverine’s attention had saved the entire universe, and he had taken note of how Mephisto had led Thanos around. Wolverine had easily talked Thanos to soon smit Mephisto and make Wolverine as his advisor.

Wolverine talked about the importance of touch in a relationship and he had insisted that Thanos should touch Death. But as the Mad Titan reached over, the clawed mutant cut his arm.

Hulk then beat the Mad Titan and Spider-Man soon set all things right with the Infinity Gauntlet.

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This had the team of Hulk, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, US Ace and Dr. Doom, take on the Mad Titan. US Ace had driven his truck into the Mad Titan. Although it did kill him, it knocked off the Gauntlet. Although Dr. Doom had then stolen this, it, did not really do him any good because he was a Doombot.

The Mad Titan did try to put back the Gauntlet back, but Spidey stole it and wore it and he wished that Thanos had never actually found the Infinity Stones in the first place.


The Universal Church of Truth really had seemed like they were soon going to resurrect Adam Warlock, but they brought the Mad Titan back. This was something that had pissed Thanos, and the mental faculties were not really back to their normal form. The Guardians of the Galaxy fought well, what we can call a purple Hulk.

The Guardians did have a pretty tough time battling against the Mad Titan and he was much more powerful than ever. Groot’s force had terribly failed, Gamora’s sword had broken on the purple villain’s skin, and Drax did not do any better.

Star-Lord then took a Cosmic Cube and lured Thanos, and he let loose with a huge blast and knocked Thanos out.


Deadpool had become aware of his fictional nature and instead of making this character a little wacky, it had broken him, and this made him a nihilist. The issues were him killing other characters in many innovative ways. At the start of the issue, we saw Deadpool taking out a few villains and heroes.

It seems like the character had been using the Puppet Master’s puppets for controlling people and this made them kill themselves. He had pulled a doll of Galactus, and we saw Galactus and a few other cosmic characters dead and this included Thanos.

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Avengers Assemble had two roles- it came out at the same time of the first Avengers film and had capitalized on the popularity of the Avengers and the post-credits scene which featured the Mad Titan. It had also introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy and tweaked the character traits and ignored how the other series had ended.

Thanos had come to Earth for stealing what he had actually believed to be the Cosmic Cube and this led to a joining of forces of the Guardians and the Avengers. The Mad Titan had succeeded and he became unstoppable. It turns out that it was a replica which had been created by the US government. With aid from the Elders of the Universe, the Marvel heroes returned with a weapon that destroyed the fake one and Thanos was returned to normal.

Hulk then threw Groot at the Mad Titan, who had delivered a few haymakers until he was swatted. Then Mad Titan stared as the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers rushed to him and took him down and they started curb stomping him. The Elders then came in and stole him away.


The Mad Titan’s deal is that he tries to get the girl he wants, but in Infinity, Thanos’ problem was that he had gotten the girl a lot of times. The purple villain sired the children all across the universe and he decided that making children would be a counterproductive act.

The event led to the Terrigen Crystals being spread across the entire universe and Thanos’ son had been empowered by it.

Thane, a youngster, came Thanos battling the Avengers and let his powers loose and encased everyone in amber.


The Mad Titan and Deadpool had worked together for freeing Death from Eternity.

Death had then allowed the two of them to tap into all her powers and bring Eternity to his knees, but the purple villain went too far and he even tried to kill Eternity. Death removed all her powers from Deadpool, and he then realized that Death wanted this.

Deadpool got a pretty huge buff in the form of Captain Universe Uni-Power, and this had let him to battle Thanos. The Merc with a mouth had said that the Mad Titan’s refusal to die had made him an agent of life. Death then took time and pondered upon this and then removed Thanos’ abilities.

Thanos weak alone and weak and he soon vanished in an explosion.

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Thanos had given Black Bolt an ultimatum where if he did not kill Avengers and the Illuminati, the Mad Titan would wipe the entire race of Inhumans.

A hooded figure was the weapon against the purple villain. In the climax, she had revealed to be the Dazzler. Between her ability to turn sound into light and the excessive power of Black Bolt’s voice, Thanos was annihilated.


After Infinity, the Mad Titan had been locked in amber under the Illuminati. Rocket Raccoon stumbled on all this when he was spying on Iron Man. The Guardians then fought the Illuminati and they even went on to free Thanos.

The death is not really shown or even explained for that matter. It required 2 pages of the Guardians with Beta Ray Bill Ronan, Gladiator, Annihilus and many others.

They all then went on to celebrate and got drunk while Earth’s heroes was told that they were grounded and they could no longer go into space.


Some villains are way better with the Gauntlet than a few others. Wielding all the powers comes with a whole lot of responsibility who can control the Gauntlet any worse than Spider-Man’s foe?

Norman Osborn got the Infinity Gauntlet, and he had went back in time to bring his father to the present era and to also show him a lot of his accomplishments. His father was a cruel man and Norman had figured that he can make his father actually love him.

They found that the Dark Avengers were killed by the Mad Titan. These two characters then battled and Thanos just could not scratch the Green Goblin and he soon got under his skin and pointed out that he never really forced Death to fall in love with him as that would be fake. That is when Norman realized the exact same thing regarding his father.

He destroyed the Mad Titan and blasted a Goblin Glider into the sternum. He then confronted his father and asked why he loved him. His father replied, “Because you’re my son,” but Norman was not happy with this answer and he wiped out his father’s existence itself.

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As the culmination of Avengers and Fantastic Four runs, the Secret Wars is a story about Dr. Doom who gained omnipotence and created a world made up of many alternate universes.

When all the Marvel heroes started a war against God Doom, the Mad Titan had challenged him. Thanos had spoken a big game like he had any chance and Doom took out his spine.


A reason why Secret Wars was an epic event was the stories about alternate universes which had turned into kingdoms. One was about a family of Nova Corps. Thanos had stalked and soon befriended this family. The Nova family was in possession of the Reality Stone.

Thanos had a Gauntlet that was almost complete and the Novas had the Reality Stone. The father of the family fought with Thanos but was no match for the purple villain. Anwen had even offered to give Thanos the Reality Stone in exchange for all their lives. The Mad Titan placed it in his Gauntlet and he then gloated over the power he had.

But the Infinity Gauntlet soon shorted out and was overcome with a purple flame and the Kirby Krackle. It had surely overwhelmed the Mad Titan and it turned him into a skeleton.


Civil War II had been a pretty bad miniseries and was a character assassination for Captain Marvel. The very first issue of this series did have a taste the Mad Titan action. The Inhuman, Ulysses did have a premonition that the purple villain would be on Earth. Captain Marvel then brought a team together to take down Thanos. The miniseries did not show this battle. It showed us that Thanos had injured She-Hulk, and he punched his fist into War Machine.


The Mad Titan had been trapped in Triskelion, but he soon got free. The Ultimates then tried their best to fight Thanos but he easily overpowered all of them. Black Panther had then realized that there was a secret to stop the purple villain and it was in the brains and not the brawn. Captain Marvel and Ms. America were keeping Thanos busy and the others heroes were putting together a new device which would prevent all synapses in Thanos’ brain and this worked and the villain collapsed.

Black Panther then said that the device can kill everyone and it is also possible that Thanos cannot really die.

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Thanos had escaped custody and he also left the planet. This was very frustrating for Gamora as the Guardians lost their transportation in Civil War II and were stuck on Earth. Thanos returned to Earth, and this was Brian Michael Bendis’ last issue and he wanted to leave with a bang.

It kick-started with a Drax vs. Thanos fight and soon the Guardians came in soon. Groot, Star-Lord, Venom, Kitty Pryde, Thing, Angela, Captain Marvel and Rocket soon joined in. While the end of the fight was not really shown, the last few pages had given the fans an imprisoned Thanos with the Nova Corps.


Thanos was realizing that his body was soon breaking down and he also coughed blood. The Mad Titan went to Mentor in order to find a cure. Upon his failure, Thanos was then met by the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. But the purple villain was not as strong as he usually would b.

The Mad Titan saw the Imperial Guard’s Gladiator standing behind him and with one big punch, Gladiator knocked Thanos.


A whole lot of Thanos’ enemies had joined to bring an end to him. Death had whispered into his ear, and Thane then brought together a team of Starfox, Nebula, and the Champion of the Universe. Thane had been planning to betray them as his plan was to steal a Phoenix egg.

When the time had come for him to meet face to face with Thanos, there was little to the battle. With a blast of flame, it had depowered the Mad Titan and he was teleported.


“And if Thanos must die?”

“No one kills Thanos but Thanos.”

Thanos had been brought to the future for meeting up with King Thanos. The Mad Titan had wiped out life from the universe. King Thanos brought the younger version of himself to help him kill Silver Surfer and he really did hope that this would bring forth Death.

When the two version of the purple villain were remaining, Death then showed herself and said that she wanted these two to fight to death.

This fight was very brutal and the younger version of Thanos was obviously more supreme and he would not be goaded into killing his older self, and so, he returned to the present and he then made a promise that he will ensure that King Thanos’ future will not come to pass and this had eventually killed him.