The Time When Hulk Grabbed Superman And Threw Him Into Space, Just Like That. Here’s How It Happened

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There have been quite a few Marvel, and DC crossovers and all of them have a certain irresistible appeal when pitting two heroes from two competing comic book houses against each other in a battle of the strongest.

Now, which superhero wins the battle depends on which publisher has the winning rights for said crossover. In the case of Superman Vs. The Hulk, there have been instances of the Hulk overcoming Superman, as well as vice versa.


In July 1999, Marvel ended the millennium with by introducing another storyline named, The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman #1. In this issue, they struggle to determine who is more “superior,” although there are significant moments indicating strength.

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One of the main events that happened was Hulk’s ability to throw Superman into orbit, all because the Man of Steel tried to bind his arms around Hulk in an attempt to calm him down. Before Superman could even think the words “Wow! He’s not only big, but he’s also fast,” he’s already in space against his will.

Throwing  Superman like that isn’t like throwing a normal human. He is from Krypton, meaning his whole biology and physiology and reactions against gravity are very different. Furthermore, he could correct his flight instead of making the 2,000km trip to mid-orbit, if it not for the fact he’s up there before he can EVEN THINK A RESPONSE.