These Hilarious Avengers: Infinity War Memes Are Taking Over The Internet Like Wild Fire.


Internet was broken into pieces when Avengers: Infinity War’s second trailer was released online, and now it’s filled with theories about Thanos’s Helmet, his armor, his Infinity Gauntlet, his underwear, his smile, his armpits and pretty much anything that appeared on every frame of that trailer.

There have been so many posts about Avengers: Infinity War lately that sometimes I wake up feeling like I have already watched the movie. Every god damn possibility under the sun about who’s going to die in the film and “Where is the Soul Stone” has been discussed in lengths in the Reddit forums. The franchise fatigue is real here for die-hard fans like myself.

But this post is not going to talk about all that; this article is going to be purely focusing on the awesome funny memes that the world of Internet bestowed upon us after the trailer was released. So, here they are, Enjoy:-

Who Wants To Die!


When Sherlock Meet Sherlock!

Where Am I


You Got It, Bro!



Wait, What!


Virgin Captain


Ohh Boy!


Poor Peter!

Ohh Yeah!


No No!

Smile Please!!



Sad DC!

Take It Back!


The stunning transformation of Rick Harrison…

Mission Report!

Don’t angry him!

The kid is back!


But you did…

Thanos is one of us now…