Injustice 2 Has Revealed Robin, Batman And Green Arrow’s Legendary Outfits


There was a special Watch Tower broadcast from the team of Injustice 2, as a part of the campaign to build the hype around the new Legendary Edition of Injustice 2, set to arrive next week. During the broadcast, they showcased some of the new Legendary Gear that will be available to the select fighters. The team shared some of those images on Twitter, and we have shared the same below.

To begin with, we can see the fascinating gold and plated armor of Robin, which is in sync with the “golden” theme of this Legendary Edition. As can be seen in the image, there is some cool design, including the golden Robin insignia on his belt. His weapon is quite a thing too.

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Next is a video revealing a premium skin available exclusively for Batman, but, just that it is not Batman. Rather, the look shows Bruce Wayne draped in a business suit, although he can still pull off the Dark Knight’s antics. It is an interesting modification of the character, but, it would be odd to hear that swooping noise, without him having a cape. No matter what, he can hurl those batarangs with the same accuracy.

He might be last, but, not the least. There is a good visual of the Green Arrow’s Legendary Gear too. There is all his signature green leather and given golden touches here and there. Not only that, his arrow pack looks more fascinating than seen before, and it definitely stocks up quite a bit of firepower. You can have a look at the below.

The NetherRealm developers observed that there is going to be more of Legendary Gear reveals in the days to come, and some might even feature stuff related to Hellboy. In that case, we anticipate seeing the other characters being given the “golden” touch as well, especially the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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They had earlier revealed the Legendary Gear for Starfire, and a brand new costume for Scarecrow, which you can check below: