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Laura Augusta Gainor aka Janet Gaynor was born on October 6th in the year 1906, to Laura Buhl and Frank De Witt Gainor, as one of their two girls. Janet Gaynor’s dad, a dramatic painter, and paperhanger, started showing her how to sing, move, and perform aerobatic exhibition when Janet Gaynor was a baby. Performing in front of an audience easily fell into place for Janet Gaynor and as a youngster, Janet Gaynor frequently acted in her school plays. Janet Gaynor’s folks separated in the year 1914 and her mom remarried Harry C. Jones. Janet Gaynor went to the San Francisco Polytechnic High School from where Janet Gaynor graduated in the year 1923. Amid this time, Janet Gaynor examined a vocation in acting yet was very little certainty. Her mom and stepfather upheld her and urged her to take a stab at acting. Janet Gaynor went to the Hollywood Secretarial School and furthermore did unspecialized temp jobs to procure some cash. At this point, Janet Gaynor was additionally making rounds to the studios in look for an acting part. Janet Gaynor started her profession as an additional in shorts and quiet movies. On the exhortation of her stepfather, Janet Gaynor embraced the screen name of Janet Gaynor. Following a series of appearances in short movies, Janet Gaynor started accepting element film jobs.

Janet Gaynor assumed the supporting job of Anna in the show film ‘The Johnstown Flood’ in the year 1926 for which Janet Gaynor got much acclaim. Petite, wide-peered toward and enchanting, Janet Gaynor oozed a kid like honesty that made her quickly mainstream with the crowds. Janet Gaynor showed up in a few different movies like ‘The Shamrock Handicap’, ‘The Blue Eagle’, ‘The Midnight Kiss’ and ‘The Return of Peter Grimm’ not long after the achievement of ‘The Johnstown Flood’ in the year 1926. Janet Gaynor was a rising star by 1927. That year, Janet Gaynor matched up out of the blue with Charles Farrell in ‘Seventh Heaven’, denoting the start of a long haul effective coordinated effort between the two. The pair turned into an extremely famous onscreen couple and would seem together in the year 11 additional movies. The late 1920s denoted the appearance of sound in highlight films. The majority of the quiet period stars attempted to keep up their fruitful professions in the changed circumstance however Gaynor had the option to effortlessly make the progress to the talkies. Amid this time Janet Gaynor showed up in three section talkies: ‘Four Devils’ in the year 1928, ‘Christina’ in the year 1929 and ‘Fortunate Star’ in the year 1929.

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