Jennifer Lopez Looks Fabulous In A Black Dress As She Poses With Malum For Billboard Cover Picture (10 Pics)


J-lo has already talked about her new 2021 project, the film, Marry Me in which she is working with two Latin stars Maluma and Owen Wilson. There will be a separate soundtrack for the romantic comedy movie, which is different from the typical Jennifer Lopez albums.


Jennifer Lopez Latin Power Players

Recently, the 51-year-old actress posed for the cover of Billboard special issue, 2020 Latin Power Players. The actress posed in a set of gorgeous dresses for the magazine.


Lopez talked about her feeling about the new project, “It was a little cathartic for me. I was playing (a character) trying to find someone who understood her and accepted her for all of what her life was but also just saw her as a person.”

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She thinks that the character is very much near to her heart, as she feels just like her, “Like a real girl, which is what I am. People see you as this thing, this star. They forget that you’re just a girl and want to live and laugh and be normal.”


Though Jennifer and Maluma have already worked together, in this movie, their characters are slightly different. Jennifer is going to play the engaged fiancé of Maluma, and they perform together on stage. Jennifer and Maluma both talked about the songs that are to be used in the movies and the hard work they are putting in to write the songs.


Lopez voiced her thoughts about the project as she was delighted to work with two other Latin stars, “It’s not common. I’ve been doing movies for 25 years now, and I’ve done 40-something movies. There have been three to four movies in my entire career where I’ve had Latino costars.”



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