Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Sensational Figure As She Poses In A White Bodysuit (10 Pics)

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Sensational Figure As She Poses In A White Bodysuit (10 Pics)

The superstar is well-known for her sensational figure, and she does not shy away from showing off her gorgeous curves. Whether it’s her stage image or a simple travel photo, J-lo knows how to put life in them with her beauty and charm. She has 144M followers on her Instagram, and for them, she often posts sultry photos. Recently, she shared a racy image on her Instagram, which almost broke the internet.


The owner of J-lo beauty was seen posing in a white bodysuit which had a cut-out at the front and the sides. The revealing top part showed off her ample cleavage as she posed for the picture. She posed on a table while sitting on her legs. The high-cut bottom detailing of the bodysuit showed off her peachy posterior and stunning curves. Her toned legs were visible in the picture. As she took a mirror selfie, the side-cuts of the bodysuit flaunted her pretty side-boobs.  Her bodysuit and posture highlighted her fantastic figure. She accessorized her look with massive gold hoop earrings. Her long hair was styled in a top-knot bun which made her look appealing. Jennifer shared the photo on her Instagram and used the caption, “#SelfcareSunday (emoji) @jlobeauty #selfiesunday.”


Jennifer shared another sultry snap as she posed for the Allure magazine. In the black-and-white picture, Jennifer was seen wearing a shimmering black garment that was wrapped around her wrists, neck, and head. Her toned body and smooth skin made her look alluring. She placed her legs to the front and touched them while posing for the photo. Her toned, smooth legs made her look dashing. She preferred a glam makeup look with silver eye makeup, which added to her beauty.

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Using her jaw-dropping figure as an aesthetic material for the music videos is nothing new to her. In her music video for ‘In The Morning,’ J-lo picked up several hairstyles, outfits, and makeup looks. She was seen posing in a white bodysuit while having feathery angel wings attached to her body. She was also seen wearing a white outfit which appreciated her beautiful figure. She was also seen posing naked with the angel wings in her music video, which gave the audience a glimpse of her stunning physique.


J-lo also modeled a revealing green bodysuit with a plunging neckline and high-cut bottom detailing. The deep neckline showed off her ample cleavage, while the bottom part appreciated her gorgeous curves and toned legs. She accessorized her look with stylish glasses, and her hair was tied in a messy bun.  She was seen posing on a board as she enjoyed herself in the water.


She wore a floral print hoodie as she posed for another photo. She wore yellow sunglasses to match her look. She used the caption, “How last week started (emoji) how it’s going this week.”



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