Jessica Chastain Could Be The Miss Sinister In X-Men Dark Phoenix, But What Happened To Mister Sinister? Here’s The Scoop


The latest upcoming X-Men movie has been delayed because of a number of ongoing reshoots regarding the change in actor. This had been announced this week with questions surrounding Jessica Chastain’s role in the new movie.

A new rumour claims that the actress might be playing a villainous role named Mister Sinister or in this case Miss Sinister in X-Men: Dark Phoenix and it will have a huge twist whichwill stun the fans.

This might sound odd considering that John Hamm was supposed to play Mr. Sinister but with all the production problems on The New Mutants that director Josh Boone is encountering, Jessica Chastain was the next choice.

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Maybe Fox was reluctant to let Boone carry out his own “Sinister” plans, inspite of expecting a lot in the post-credits scene from X-Men: Apocalypse, because they already had plans for Sinister in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Ever since news of Chastain’s involvement in the movie, rumours have been circulating about what role she would be playing. The news broke out that she would be playing the role of Lilandra, the leader of the Shi-ar Empire, a galactic side plot to Dark Phoenix which would be incorporated into the storyline.

Another rumour spread that she will be playing Queen Veranke of the Skrull Empire. The Skrulls are also a race of characters that Fox and Marvel Studios can use, given their appearance in Fantastic Four. These aliens are set to appear in Captain Marvel as part of the MCU, which will release next year. However, the Skulls have never had a prominent role in the X-Men stories let alone the “Dark Phoenix Saga,” so the rumours are not to be believed. It’s possible that Fox has fabricated these reports in order to cover up their true intentions of introducing one of its most popular X-Villains who has yet to make abig screen appearance.

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Chastain playing Miss Sinister also makes sense given the post-credits scene in Apocalypse.

Either way, since the villains’ mutant abilities are to clone itself to create different versions there’s no reason why Chastain and Hamm cant play various versions of the character. This ability might confuse the audience again.

Regardless, let’s see which rumours were really true and which were false as we get closer to the release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix which will release on February 14, 2019.