Jones And Kim Similar Looks In Talk Again

Jones And Kim Similar Looks In Talk Again

It has been long in rumors that Kanye’s new girlfriend has been copying Kim’s style. In a recent shoot of Chaney Jones, she seemed to dress again similarly to Kanye’s ex-wife Kim. With a following of 573k followers on Instagram, the 24-year-old shares a glimpse of her outfit from the shoot.

The young model didn’t add any caption as she left her followers wandering. The model was wearing elf prosthetics, as she shared a glimpse with her followers. The model posed in the same way as Kim.

Kim’s pose for her shapewear – SKIMS, and Jones’ recent pose match a lot. The model wore a fitted dress, revealing her cleavage and shaped body. As she wore the sleeveless dress, she stole the show.

In one of the similar poses, Kim posed naked, with her long brunette hair, flowing all the way down to her hip. Jones flaunts her tattoos as she wears her revealing dress. The star model also wears her hair extensions, as she posed for the shoot.

The outfit she wore resembles the shapewear from Kim’s line- SKIMS. But Kim doesn’t react to the rumors. It is said that Kim has paid approximately ten thousand dollars for her ponytail, which she paired with her Balenciaga outfit at the Met Gala back in September 2021.

When asked if Jones looks like Kim, she responds by saying that she doesn’t share the same opinion and further adds that Kanye and she doesn’t talk about Kim at all. The same question has been raised to Kim Kardashian as well.

She was asked in an interview what she thinks about the rumors about Jones looking like Kim. She clears the air, saying that she feels nothing weird about the rumor. All she adds is that she only wants Kanye to be happy, and desires nothing else.

The model poses her appealing curves as she poses naked showing her side hip tattoo. Kanye and Kim’s love story began back in February. He was seen with her at Soho House, Malibu. Their affair took a height when Kanye broke up with Julia Fox.

The couple was spotted having a good time together as they were seen at Utah’s five-star resort. At the same place, Kardashian also celebrated her 37th birthday. There have been rumors that Jones is just Kanye’s muse and they hang out casually.