Josephine Skriver Looks Sizzling As She Poses In Skimpy Bikinis For Her Instagram Photos (10 Pics)

Josephine Skriver Looks Sizzling As She Poses In Skimpy Bikinis For Her Instagram Photos

The Danish model loves to show off her sexy body, and therefore she often models skimpy bikinis and swimwear. She shares those racy photos on her Instagram, which has more than 6M followers. Her Instagram account gets flooded with praises as soon as she posts those sultry snaps.


In one of her recent photos, she was seen posing topless. Josephine lay on a lounge chair while donning a black bottom. She covered her tits with her hands, which showed off her pretty cleavage and toned stomach. As she lay down while folding her legs, her charming curves and tall, slender were in full display. She wore a wide-brim hat that covered her face to protect her from the sun. Her nicely sculpted body was emphasized by her posture. She was posing while sitting on the floor.


Her toned back and side-boobs could be seen as she let the camera capture her pretty side-profile. Her charming curves and long legs added to her sensuality.

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Josephine was also seen posing in a skimpy animal print bikini at the beach. The bikini featured a tiny triangle top, which showed off her ample cleavage and taut stomach. The top was teamed up with a scanty matching bottom that highlighted her toned legs and pretty curves. Her long damp hair stuck to her back, which made her look hot. Her light makeup look brightened up her naturally beautiful facial features. Her wet skin added to her sensuality.


Josephine shared a snap in which she was seen reading a book in her bath. She was topless, and hence her radiant skin and toned body could be seen in the snap. The camera captured her pretty side-profile, which showed off her beautiful facial features. Her brunette locks were tied in a top-knot bun, which made her look hot.


She was also seen posing in a leopard print bikini as she sat on the beach. The ensemble highlighted her charming cleavage and toned stomach as she posed for the picture. Her damp hair and light makeup look made her tempting.



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