Joss Whedon Is No Longer Associated With Batgirl Movie


Joss Whedon has no further association with the proposed Warner Bros film Batgirl.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon left the project after he felt that he had no idea about how to go about the character.

Batgirl is such an exciting project, and Warners/DC such collaborative and supportive partners, that it took me months to realize I really didn’t have a story,” Whedon told THR. “I’m grateful to Geoff [Johns] and [Warners Picture Group president] Toby [Emmerich] and everyone who was so welcoming when I arrived, and so understanding when I… uh, is there a sexier word for ‘failed’?”

It is not yet clear whether WB has been thinking about some other director to replace Whedon.

Towards the end of last year, rumors had gathered momentum about Whedon considering leaving the project. Back then, the studio was dealing with the aftermath of Justice League, the film which was handed over to Whedon at a very advanced stage to try and save it. Even after lengthy reshoots and a revamp of the movie’s story, Whedon wasn’t successful, and the critics, as well as the audiences, criticized the theatrical release.

According to reports, the presently untitled Batgirl film will be based on the New 52’s Barbara Gordon. To be precise, it will be sourced from the 2011 Batgirl series by Gail Simone, where we see the character once again get back to her feet after a horrible accident.