Justice League Is The End Of The DCEU That We Know!

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During the last ten years, fans of comic book movies have been thriving courtesy MCU. Captain America and Iron-Man have become the talk of the town, hogging the positive headlines, whereas DC Comics lovers have been compelled to watch their favorites such as Superman and Batman grapple in the dark. With the backing of Warner, Bros. DC has steadily trailed Disney and Marvel by years, and their first release Man of Steel which set up the DCEU released five years after Iron-Man got the MCU going in 2008. Similarly, five years after Avengers released, we got the Justice League which has been the DC version of the Avengers. After the release of Justice League, DC seems to have caught up with Marvel. Now it is time for the old DCEU as we know it, to pack its bags for good.

Although the direction in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe is headed seems to be risk-free in the wake of their last two releases Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, but, DCEU is going to be revamped. It is evident that the fans have been demanding a revision of DC Films’ strategy ever since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice turned out to be a hurriedly developed film in an utterly dark place by a studio that was trying to compete with the younger generation. The studio heads deserve applause as they did pay attention to the criticism and created a much lighter and compelling Wonder Woman. Gone are the days when Batman v Superman, Man of Steel style darkness or Suicide Style irrelevance is dominating the thought processes. After Justice League, a change was imminent and DC/Warner Bros took quick steps to address the need. It was probably a wrong or hasty decision to assign Justice League to Zack Snyder, believing that his grittier style would still give a colorful touch to the movie. What turned out eventually was a film with a sizeable humor element and it appeared as if The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) were particularly introduced to take care of the fun factor.

The prominence given to this change in tone was primarily witnessed in the film’s promotional campaign. While trailers featured humorous one-liners and soundtracks, posters highlighted the color. The “You Can’t Save The World Alone” series of posters was a great example of how we see the saturation go for a toss. From grey, Batman’s costume became blue, from forest green, Aquaman had the bright algae color whereas Wonder Woman’s metallic armor was given a glossy makeover.


The initially reluctant but much-needed reimagining of the bright, colorful and trendier Marvel model was evident when DC Films roped in Joss Whedon to rewrite the reshoots. Frankly, it was commendable for Whedon to step in to handle that part when Snyder had to abandon the project to take care of family matters, however, the fact that DC roped in the guy who was among the main forces behind today’s MCU to support their mega-movie was a great indication of how the studio has been keen to change.

Change is good at times. That is exactly what Thor did to great effect. After the less than a great performance of the first two Thor movies, Thor: Ragnarok picked up the fun-loving God of Thunder from Avengers and merged him with the eccentric pattern of Guardians of the Galaxy. That was a big change for the character, and it did wonders and gave us a spectacular entertainment filled movie experience. The edge that Marvel had was that they had a four years time span and an Avengers film between the disappointing Thor: The Dark World and the amazing Thor: Ragnarok. DC, on the other hand, had only a year separating Batman v Superman from Justice League. There was a lot of redoing required simultaneously, and it led to hurried modifications. Despite getting good reviews before release, it turned out to be a chaotic product which was built on unsteady ground.

That’s why before going on to start their next phase, DC Films has opted to crash DCEU that we have seen so far. The first effort was the Justice League revamp, and now they have decided to let go of the depression and go ahead to embrace change. The shared DCEU premise has failed to take off, and time has come to take a different route.

That’s what led to the development of two Joker movies simultaneously, one a gutsy Todd Phillips directed Joker origin movie, and the other is a Joker (Jared Leto)/Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) story. That is the reason why they have decided to make a Nightwing film without debuting Robin first. The Batman movie which was supposed to star Ben Affleck has been in absolute disarray, and the latest reports have indicated that the star won’t even be a part of the Matt Reeves-directed movie which will relaunch Batman outside DCEU. In fact, this is the reason why the Flash solo movie is called Flashpoint. If it followed the comic book narrative, then it is likely to reset the DCEU. Not in a nonsensical comic style, but, we saw how Flashpoint comic books show Barry Allen changing a past event which caused ripples in the timeline of DC Comics. Let’s assume that the movie turns out to be even slightly similar (there is every reason to believe it will); we won’t be able to speculate what all of the present DCEU, that has been hurriedly created in the last few years, remains canon.

First of all, Aquaman will release before the chance to hit the reset button arrives, however, Momoa’s Justice League performance has indicated that his film will be vastly different from the earlier DC movies. You never know as these changes might just augur well for DC Films. While the Joker/Harley Quinn and the Joker origin films are likely to cater to the popcorn-munching audiences and are likely to prove that the DCEU main and DCEU standalone can coexist with desired results. If that happens, one thing is assured that none of those two films will have the feel of Suicide Squad. The fact is that the dark superhero movies are a thing of the past. DC has surrendered and accepted the style which they valiantly fought against, and revamped their strategies literally in a ‘Flash.’ The future is going to be a brand new version!

DCEU is dead! Long live DCEU!