Katy Welcomes Summer With A “Roar” By Launching Her Latest Footwear Line, Promoting The Brand Wearing A Sleek Lilac-Purple Fit!

Katy Welcomes Summer With A “Roar” By Launching Her Latest Footwear Line, Promoting The Brand Wearing A Sleek Lilac-Purple Fit!

The singer of “This is how we do”- Katy Perry- has shown us all how to blend fashion and footwear, by releasing her latest footwear line. The brand- Katy Perry Collections was launched in 2017 with Global Brands Group.

Katy Perry was seen posing for her latest foot line release, wearing Ronny Kobo’s lilac-purple dress. The fit paired with long silver earrings, finger rings, and her own “scalloped shell” sandals, has left the viewers in awe. Nude lipstick and long raven hair down further add to the whole outfit, making the picture more strong.

The outfit blends with the onset of the summer season. To inform the readers, the famous singer is with Orlando Bloom, a  mother of 19 months old, songwriter and owns a foot line collection, as well as is a judge of America’s populated reality singing show- The American Idol.

The singer is seen sitting beside a beach on a chair while posing. The caption used by a lady for the same -” She sells seashells(shoes) by the seashore”, has gone viral on Instagram.

The latest footwear line released is a perfect solution to all your summer fashion. It has 19 designs. All the pairs are designed following the floral or beech theme, giving out summer vibes. Keeping No room for suffocation, the pair is of bright colors, and easy to fit.

The judge of American Idol, Katy Perry comments on her style and personality. In between managing multiple roles, the star singer has managed to keep her original personality intact throughout all these years.

Experimenting in nature, Katy Perry says that she likes to keep trying different trends with her styling. The diva admits that her style also has changed completely since 2008. All of us know she isn’t speaking anything false, as we have seen her carrying all the style naturally and effortlessly.

Adding onto her personality she comments by saying that she likes to keep “fun and humor” as a major part of her personality. She says it’s important to manage one’s personality as such, being constantly in public view.

Being conscious of her profile, the professional singer has maintained her personality flawlessly well. In her recent photoshoot as well, the whole attire looks mesmerizing and blends perfectly with the oncoming summer season.

The singer never fails to set the vibe, the lilac purple dress also matches the vibe with the latest footwear line based on the theme of floral and beech. The location of the shoot also shoots out major hints about the collection. The summers are already here, be ready to step out wearing Katy Perry Collections to vibe onto Katy Perry music, as she knows “this is how we do” it.