28 Hot Pictures Of Kayleigh McEnany Will Spellbind You With Her Dazzling Body

28 Hot Pictures Of Kayleigh McEnany Will Spellbind You With Her Dazzling Body

Speaking of Kayleigh McEnany, we get to know more about her professional and social life through a lot of these hot Gif of Kayleigh McEnany and they’re surely a sight for sore eyes. Kayleigh McEnany is a spectacular person with ravishing hot looks and this can be seen through her many hot Gif of Kayleigh McEnany which are all over the internet.

In particular, we have brought together the best Kayleigh McEnany hot Gif for you to look at and simply enjoy your viewing pleasure. Kayleigh McEnany became the current White House press secretary after Mark Meadows replaced Mick Mulvaney as White House chief of staff in April 2020.


Kayleigh McEnany hot pics
Kayleigh McEnany hot pics

Right after getting into her new role, McEnany defended Trump’s claim that the World Health Organization has been biased towards China and, in turn, has put the lives of Americans at risks by “repeating inaccurate claims peddled by China during the coronavirus pandemic” and “opposing the United States’ life-saving travel restrictions.”


Kayleigh McEnany sexy pics
Kayleigh McEnany sexy pics

She defended the POTUS by saying that Trump’s advice of treating Covid-19 by injecting disinfectants into one’s body has been taken out of context. The President later clarified that the whole suggestion was a sarcastic remark.

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McEnany attended her first public press briefing on May 1, 2020. An Associate Press reporter asked her if she could pledge to never lie to the American citizens from the said podium, to which McEnany replied, “I will never lie to you. You have my word on that.”


Kayleigh McEnany tits pics

McEnany has also remarked about some of the controversies surrounding Trump. She addressed Trump’s response to the pandemic situation by saying, “This president has always sided on the side of data” and to Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct by saying, “He has always told the truth.”


Kayleigh McEnany hot boobs pics

McEnany is married to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team pitcher, Sean Gilmartin. The couple had a daughter in 2019 and has named her Blake. She has the risk of developing breast cancer due to a BRCA mutation. McEnany had a preventative double mastectomy in 2018.


Kayleigh McEnany hot pictures

Her smashingly sensational looks make Kayleigh McEnany a sensuously successful celebrity in addition to her scintillatingly spectacular sexiness. Kayleigh McEnany is a wonderfully good looking woman with immaculately unbeatable looks that will make you fall head over heels for this ravishing hot lady.


Kayleigh McEnany sexy pictures

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