Kendall In A Zebra Print Bikini Top Heads Towards Beach

Kendall In A Zebra Print Bikini Top Heads Towards Beach

Already known for her fashion style and exquisite catwalks on runaways and fashion shows, the 26-year-old model was seen wearing a zebra-print bikini. The fashionista shares a video on her Instagram profile, in which her gym-fit physique was visible.

On Thursday, the celebrity shares the video of her and the sizzling bikini top. She smiles as she posts the snap before beginning her day at the beach. The Star absolutely nails the fit bikini outfit. The star added earrings – long silver hoops, as she posed in the bikini.

She also applied a shiny gloss as she smiled and posed. The star left her hair open. Her colored hair was looking perfect with her skin tone. She also posts videos for the promotion of her line 818 Tequila.

In one of the videos shared, she was seen making watermelon margaritas. She posts videos of the same on Friday. The line of her 818 Tequila was launched in May 2021. The number 818 is actually her hometown code.

The brand gained popularity very soon with the customers and the sales accelerated quickly. The promotion has been done for her brand by herself and commercial houses. She has posed for the same and made special appearances for promotion.

In an interview, she reveals that from a young age, she developed a fancy for liquor. One of the prime reasons for her interest was that her parents also were huge fans of tequila and she was also trying a flavor or another.

She also boasts about her family, saying that coming from a family in which every lady owns a business, it’s really inspiring for her and promoted her to have a business of her own. Getting into business is also to inspire other women to follow their dreams.

This is one of her prime goals. She also tries to inspire other women by saying if you feel you have the potential, follow your passion, without creating any doubt. She also highlights the unity of the female, saying that if women stand together, nothing can beat them.