Kendall Jenner Poses Naked In Pool (10 Pics)

Kendall Jenner Poses Naked In Pool

Kendell Jenner, the model from the Kardashian Clan, is widely praised for her gorgeous figure. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is fabulous enough to charm the netizens. Kendall loves to show off her enviable figure and often models swimwear and lingerie.

Her fans cannot stop praising her toned body and sharp facial features. Her beauty and grace have established her as a famous Insta star. Recently, the model posed naked in a pool for the camera of the celebrity photographer Mert Alas.


Kendall Jenner Hot Pics
Kendall Jenner Hot Pics

Her continuous effort to keep herself fit was reflected in the photo as her toned body could be seen when it was under the water of the pool. She lounged in the shallow water as her pert derriere, and slender legs could be seen in the snap.


Kendall Jenner Sexy Pics
Kendall Jenner Sexy Pics

Her head and a part of her upper body stayed outside the water. It seems that light makeup was used, but the image uploaded on the Instagram account was with a black-and-white filter. It is evident that to illuminate her sharp, beautiful eyes, dark and prominent eye makeup was used.

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The photographer showed his mastery as the model looked like Siren in the image. Mert Alas used a high camera angle and low lighting for the shot. The dark ripples of the pool helped to create a mysterious aura. The photographer posted the picture on her Instagram account with more than 1.5M followers and captioned it, “night swim @kendelljenner #siren.”




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