Kevin Bacon’s Cancelled Tremors TV Show Was Epic, Pilot Trailer Surfaced (Video)


The trailer for SyFy’s recently canceled Tremors TV series, which would have brought Kevin Bacon back to the franchise after nearly three decades, has leaked online. It’s unknown how the footage got leaked, but fans are losing out in a big way as this show had the potential to be pretty great.

As revealed in the trailer, the Tremors TV series explained that no Graboids had been seen since Kevin Bacon’s Valentine McKee helped get rid of them during the original 1990 movie. He became a hometown hero and something of a legend in the town of Perfection. But he hasn’t done much else with his life, so when he suspects that the giant, deadly sandworms are making a comeback, the people of Perfection don’t believe him. Then we get to see some Graboid action that reinforces their belief.

The trailer looks like a modern sequel/reboot that one could hope for. While there are those who have enjoyed some of the Tremors sequels, this series was going to take a different approach.

Fred Ward was set to join Kevin Bacon in the Tremors TV series. The pilot, which finished filming in November last year, was directed by Vincenzo Natali (Splice)  so it’s unclear why SyFy decided to cancel it.

Hopefully, the reaction to this trailer, which has been extremely positive, will force Syfy to reconsider their decision on canceling the Tremors TV show.

Having Kevin Bacon back in a new reboot of Tremors may do the trick if someone is willing to take a chance on it. For now, the show is dead but check out the leaked Tremors TV series trailer below.