KFC’s Colonel Sanders Is A Multi-Dimensional Powerful Being In DC Comics, Here’s How It Happens


It really does not matter when or where one is in the DC Multiverse, because, if you are hungry, KFC has your back. In Tom Derenick and Tony Bedard’s “KFC: The Colonel Corps,” the Earth-1 Colonel Sanders travels across the entire multiverse in order to recollect a few missing pieces of his ‘secret’ recipe. The thing is, every universe has its version of ‘Colonel’ from gender-bent Earth-11, to the world of “Teen Titans Go!” and even the apocalyptic wasteland.

The “KFC: The Colonel Corps” issue pits Earth-1’s Colonel Sanders against his foe, Colonel Sunder, the fast food hero’s pure evil doppelganger (Earth-3).

Sanders had first encountered Sunder in “The Colonel of Two Worlds” and in “The Colonel Corps.” Now, Sunder is back in action and wants to steal Sanders’ original recipe and conquer the restaurant industry instead of actually working hard and climbing his way up to the top. To overcome Sunder, the real Sanders teams up with all his ‘good’ doppelgangers across the multiverse and fights Sunder.

So, who are these doppelgangers of Colonel Sanders?Let us journey to the past and explore this mystery:

10. Colonel Arla Sanders (Earth-11)

9. Koln-El (Earth-22)

8. Kolonel (Earth-51)

7. Teen Colonel (“Teen Titans Go!” Universe)

6. Colonel Lad (31st Century)

5. Bizzaro Colonel Sanders (Earth-29)

4. All-Star Colonel

3. Comrade Colonel

2. Cowboy Sanders

1. Colonel Grodd