Kim Kardashian Celebrates 200M Followers While Posing In A Revealing Top (12 Pics)

Kim Kardashian Celebrates 200M Followers While Posing In A Revealing Top

The Kardashian-Jenner clan members have always been social media magnets, and all the Kim siblings have massive followers, which projects them as prominent social influencers. A few months ago, makeup mogul Kylie Jenner reached the milestone of 200M followers. Recently Kim Kardashian got the counter of 200M followers and decided to celebrate it with a series of racy snaps. Though only a few days ago, the shooting of the last season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians ended, many fans are speculating that they will return with a similar type of reality show.


Kim Kardashian shared multiple snaps in which she was seen posing in a revealing orange top teamed up with a white bottom. The square-shaped low-cut neckline of the top showed off her pretty cleavage as she posed for the close-up snaps. Her bronzed skin made her look stunning as she posed in the top.


Her brunette wavy locks cascaded on her shoulder and rested on her bosom. She chose a bronze makeup look for the photoshoot. The makeup palette included an ample blush, pink eyeshadow, and heavy eyelash extensions. A nude lip color decorated her pout as she showed a V sign with her fingers.

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In one of the snaps, she was seen pouting at the camera, while in other images, her lips were curved in a small smile, which brightened up the frames. She captioned the photo, “200 MIL (emoji) thank you so much for the love.”


Previously, Kim shared multiple snaps in which she was seen posing for some sultry shots while donning a tiny pink bikini. The hot pink bikini featured a small triangle top with halter neck detailing. Her ample assets were highlighted by the top as she posed in an infinity pool. The bottom she wore made her charming curves and toned legs look more defined as she posed for the images. Her raven locks were tied in a braided hairstyle. She selected the glam side of the makeup palette dominated by dark eye makeup, which made her look charismatic.


She was also seen walking on the sandy shore; the ensemble she wore flexed her nicely toned body as she posed for the picture. Her taut stomach and hourglass figure looked more prominent in the skimpy bikini.


She shared another close-up snap in which she was seen posing with her tongue out. The bikini top highlighted her ample assets as she posed for a frontal view.


She added a small video clip with the images in which she was sitting in the infinity pool while looking away.

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