Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A Skimpy Black Bikini Top (10 Pics)

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A Skimpy Black Bikini Top

The reality star Kim Kardashian is not new to showing off her sexy body, and she loves to model racy outfits to flex her charming body. Like her other siblings, Kim Kardashian is also a social media magnet. She knows how to charm her followers and does not leave out a single chance when it comes to showing off her enviable figure. Her beauty and charms have helped her garner more than 215M followers on her Instagram. She recently enjoyed an outing with her family and shared those snaps on her Instagram account. Kim modeled a skimpy black bikini which made her look enthralling.

The bikini she wore featured a tiny triangle top with halter neck detailing, which showed off her ample cleavage and toned stomach. The top was teamed up with a matching bottom which appreciated her gorgeous curves and thick thighs. Her long hair was styled to fall on her back. She accessorized her look with a few gold chain necklaces that highlighted her radiant, smooth skin. She chose a no-makeup look for the day as she was all set to go into the water.


Kim Kardashian hourglass figure

In one of the pictures, she was seen standing in the water while the water level went up to her thighs. Her hourglass figure could be seen in the picture as the ensemble hugged her body. She looked straight at the camera while posing as she tugged on the string of her top.


Kim Kardashian look alluring

In another photo, she was seen coming out of the water. She adjusted her bottom, which showed off her sexy body. Her wet skin and damp hair made her look alluring.

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Kim Kardashian swimming

Kim shared another picture in which she was seen swimming in the water. The crystal clear water gave a view of her thick thighs, and toned legs as her head came out of the water.


Kim Kardashian rinsing her hair

She was also seen rinsing her hair at her back while cooling off.


Kim Kardashian awesome

She stood in the water for some time after her swimming ended. The reality star seemed to have an awesome day with her family. She wrote in the caption, “The Blue Lagoon.”



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