Kimberley Garner Poses In Skimpy Pink Bikini As She Enjoys A Vacation With Her Mystery Beau In Miami (12 Pics)

Kimberley Garner Poses In Skimpy Pink Bikini As She Enjoys A Vacation With Her Mystery Beau In Miami

Many government officials were worried about the increasing cases of COVID-19, and that’s the reason for imposing strict lockdowns. Many netizens are questioning the ‘work trip’ of the influencers who are dodging the lockdown and jetting off to different places for vacations.


Kimberley Garner was tremendously trolled after she was spotted in Florida with a mystery man. She was seen enjoying herself on the beach, which caused the backlash. The star decided to ignore those trolls against her as she posed in a skimpy pink bikini as she spent a day on the beach with her mystery beau.


The 29-year-old wore a skimpy bikini with a triangle top, which showed off her ample cleavage. The strings of the top were wrapped around her body to highlight her toned bust. The top was teamed up with a matching bottom, which flexed her toned legs.

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She was also seen strolling on the beach with her male companion while flaunting her pert posterior. Her blond hair was left loose to fall on her back. She wore stylish shades to save her eyes from the hot Florida sun.


She was also seen basking in the sun while showing her sensational physique in the one-piece. Many Instagram followers of the stars are claiming that they are using the loop-holes to escape the lockdown and carelessly acting in a serious situation.


Home Secretary Priti Patel has criticized the influencers who are holidaying when they have been asked to stay at home to slow down the spread of the new virus strain. She said: “People should simply not be traveling.


We see plenty of influencers showing off where they are – mainly sunny places.” The influencers are facing criticism for recklessly spreading the virus through getaways, social gatherings, and beach parties.


The government has also noticed how influencers are having ‘work trips’ to exotic locations while the entire nation is under lockdown. They have also identified their ‘exploiting grey areas’ as ‘what they are claiming as work is not.’

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This has led many influencers to lose thousands of followers as they are getting continuous backlash for their not-so-influencer-worthy behavior.