This Is Why Batman Specifically Used An Kryptonite “SPEAR” To Kill Superman In Batman V Superman


Over on the social media platform, Vero, Zack Snyder had revealed why the kryptonite spear had been used by Batman in the Dawn of Justice movie. It seems this was a reference to Jesus’ death.

By posting a painting of the crucified Jesus being stabbed by a Roman centurion Longinus, Snyder had written, “Why with all the technology at his disposal would Batman build a spear… here’s why.”

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This is the latest religious imagery which has been used by Snyder who is known to infuse the Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman films with Christian metaphors.

With the revelation, it seems like Snyder’s take on Batman was heavily influenced by religion. In Christianity, the Roman Longinus received drops of Christ’s blood on his face, and this allowed him to see again. Similarly, it was when Batman used the kryptonite spear on Superman that he would see the light.

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