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Last Updated: May 10, 2021

Krysten Alyce Ritter, a name famous internationally for her portrayal of the superheroine Jessica Jones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Netflix show of the same title, was born on December 16, 1981, in Bloomberg, Pennsylvania. She had her first real big break on the AMC drama series “Breaking Bad.”

Over the years, she has been a part of dozens of movies and TV shows. After that stunning run on Breaking Bad, this diva has been almost everywhere. She was the leading face in the sitcom Don’t Trust the B – in Apartment 23, and ultimately she became known as Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

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Date Of Birth – 16 December 1981

1. Her Performance in Jessica Jones has not only got her critical acclaim but, various awards as well.

krysten ritter hot pics
krysten ritter hot pics

She is enjoying a spectacular run with the Marvel series and its second season started on March 8. The Season Two follows Jessica Jones as she takes up a new case after her encounter with Kilgrave.

2. She grew up on a farm outside Shickshinny, Pennsylvania and since she was barred from owning a horse, she used to ride a cow named Jake.

krysten ritter sexy pics
krysten ritter sexy pics

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The season opened to glowing reviews from critics and fans are head over heels in love with Krysten Ritter and the way the current season is focusing on women. In fact, it has been so promising that the Season Three of Jessica Jones has already been ordered by Netflix.

3. She agreed to work in the 2014 movie “Big Eyes” only because she wanted to work with Tim Burton.

Krysten Ritter Bikini

However, the fans often wonder who the real Krysten Ritter is? How did Krysten Ritter get going? What did she do before playing the B* in Apartment 23? How does she spend her time when not in front of the camera? Is she an animal lover? Does she have pets? What is her favorite cause? Who is her role-model?

4. Despite being the preferred choice of Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, Ritter had to compete with Alexandra Daddario, Teressa Palmer, Jessica De Gouw and Marin Ireland for the role.

Krysten Ritter Smile

There is so much we don’t know about this gorgeous actress. To find the answers, we decided to dive into the world of Krysten Ritters.

5. Alicia Silverstone is Ritter’s favorite actress, and she is a big fan of Alicia’s work in the 90s comedy “Clueless,” so it was a dream come true for her when she got to work with Alicia Silverstone in “Vamps (2012)”

Krysten Ritter Sexy

Our research included her facts, quotes, stories, trivia, and anecdotes to create a full-fledged Krysten Ritter bio comprising of fascinating information related to the actress. We would rather say this is your Krysten Ritter wiki. Go ahead and read below about her on and off-screen life!

6. Krysten Ritter is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the New York City band “Ex-Vivian.”

Krysten Ritter in Water

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7. She had to work for months to get her body in shape to play Jessica Jones, and she also read the entire comic book series featuring the character.

Krysten Ritter Hot Pictures

8. She starred in the 2011 movie, “Life Happens” and she was also the co-writer of the film.

Krysten Ritter Red Dress

9. Krysten Ritter is famous for her model figure, but, she was severely bullied in school by boys and girls for being “too tall and skinny.”

Krysten Ritter Sexy Legs

10. A modeling agent spotted her at The Wyoming Valley Mall when she was just 15.

Krysten Ritter Car

11. She adopted a stray dog “Mike” who was a victim of a car accident.

Krysten Ritter Beautiful Eye

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12. During the initial stages of her career, she did a lot of guest starring roles on TV including the character of Allison Stark on Fox’s “Till Death.”

Krysten Ritter on Bed

13. She reprised her Jessica Jones character on ‘The Defenders.’

Krysten Ritter Hot Pics

14. One of her band “Ex-Vivian” songs was used in the 2008 movie “The Last International Playboy.”

Krysten Ritter Feet

15. Other than her famous roles, she played Gia Goodman in “Veronica Mars,” Lucy in “Gilmore Girls,” and as Cassie in “Woke Up Dead.”

Krysten Ritter Awesome

16. She played the character of Ruby in the 2014 movie “Asthma” which was the directorial debut of Jake Hoffman.

Krysten Ritter Outdoor

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17. Even during her high school days, she used to travel to New York to pursue her modeling career.

Krysten Ritter Booty

18. She was a part of a PETA campaign in 2013 to spread awareness about the dangers associated with leaving their dogs in the cars during summer months.

 Krysten Ritter Cleavage

19. She appeared in a number of scenes in the 2003 movie “Mona Lisa Smile” as extras (history class students).

Krysten Ritter Black Dress

20. She played an aerospace engineer Dr. Mary Kendricks in NBC show “Mission Control,” but, NBC scrapped the show.

Krysten Ritter Hairstyle

21. Reportedly her acting career took off when she auditioned for a Dr. Pepper TV commercial.

Krysten Ritter Hot Lips

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22. She wrote, recorded and performed a song for her 2012 movie Buzzkill where she played Nicole.

Krysten Ritter Hot Dress

23. Her modeling career started in her high school days at the age of 15, and she did runway, magazine and catalog assignments in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Milan.

Krysten Ritter With Bird

24. She had to train for two months and gain more than 10 pounds to play Jessica Jones.

Krysten Ritter Superb

25. She wrote as well as sang all the songs for her 2012 album with WT Records.

Krysten Ritter Sexy Feet

26. August 2014 onwards, she has been in a steady relationship with Adam Granduciel, the famous frontman, and songwriter of Indie rock band “The War on Drugs.”

Sexy Feet Fantastic

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27. She made an appearance in the flashback sequences of an episode titled “Valley Girls” from the TV series “Gossip Girls.”

Krysten Ritter Beach

28. She loves writing and reportedly sold the pilot for a show called “Model Camp” based on her own real-life experiences as a model besides writing a female-buddy comedy’s screenplay.

Krysten Ritter Goodlooking

29. After she saw the Season One of Breaking Bad, she was sure that she wanted to play a role on the show. Despite the show not being a hit back then, she loved it so much that she wasn’t bothered if anyone would watch it or not.

Krysten Ritter Pink Dress

30. Krysten Ritter is tall, like genuinely tall.

Krysten Ritter Back

31. Her long stint with modeling ensured that she has a keen fashion and design sense.

Krysten Ritter Stunning

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32. She supports the cause of Autism Awareness.

Krysten Ritter Sexy Pictures

33. Krysten Ritter has her own production company called Silent Machine.

Krysten Ritter Hottie Look

34. She loves being called a B*tch.

Krysten Ritter Hot

35. She has delivered several excellent stage performances.

Krysten Ritter Bra


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