Kylie Jenner Looks Sensual As She Models A Bra To Flaunt Her Pretty Cleavage (10 Pics)


All the girls from the Kardashian-Jenner clan are known for their jaw-dropping beauty. Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the siblings, is a bombshell as she rarely leaves out a chance to flex her eye-popping physique. She challenged the summer sun while posing in a skimpy bra.

She recently shared a couple of small video clips on her Instagram in which the 23-year-old Kylie was seen showing off her ample assets while modeling a black bra. She wore a patch of makeup which contributed to her flawless beauty. She used the caption, “No filter life.”

The makeup mogul was seen adjusting her bra as she sat while flaunting her ample cleavage and toned bust. Her hairstylist was working on her dark wavy locks as she was admiring herself adoringly. Her wavy strands cascaded all around her shoulder and back as she posed for the image. She chose the glam side of the makeup palette, which highlighted her gorgeous facial features. The perfect contouring of her face paired well with the pink blush and highlighter. She used a thin lip liner which made her pouty lips look plumper.


Kylie Jenner ample cleavage

Kylie posted these sultry pictures after her sister Khloe got back to a critic who left an Instagram comment calling her ‘insecure.’ Khloe was posing in an avatar style catsuit as she enjoyed a girls’ night out with her sister. The commentator wrote, ‘If insecurity was a person’ while adding a tearful emoji at the end.


Kylie Jenner sexy

The reality star often gets trolled for her over-use of edits and filters on images on social media. However, she left a thoughtful comment by asking the critic to ‘look in the mirror’ while she also wished ‘love and happiness’ for that person. Khloe replied: ‘Baby girl, you have to look in the mirror. Only insecure people tear other people down. I’m sending you so much love, health and happiness! I’m sorry that you’re hurting. (blue heart emoji).”

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Kylie Jenner hot

This criticism came after Khloe’s team tried to remove one of her snaps where she was seen standing by the pool at her mom’s house in Palm Springs while posing in a skimpy leopard print bikini. In that unauthorized photo, Khloe looked more natural than her skilfully edited Instagram images. This was seemingly taken by Khloe’s grandmother MJ, who accidentally posted it on the public domain, and it went viral. Though she initially stayed silent later, she got back saying she felt it is too much to handle the pressure of looking ‘perfect.’


Kylie Jenner sexy pic

She also shared how she had to struggle with her body image throughout her life as there was a constant comparison with her sisters. She later shared a small video clip of her sexy figure with the caption, “Hey guys, this is me and my body unretouched and unfiltered.”




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