Kylie Jenner Poses In A Ravishing Power Ranger Costume For Halloween


Halloween might be a little different this year, but that does not seem to stop Kylie Jenner from experiencing the spooky spirit. Jenner decided to dress up as a Red Ranger while adopting a Mighty Morphin theme.

She posted a series of snaps on her social media accounts while posing as a Red Ranger. Her team came forward and got featured as the full group, including the Yellow, Pink, and Blue Rangers.

You might have already speculated that the costumes are more revealing than the original ones. Power Rangers fans got to see Kylie in a top cut off above the upper torso, and the pants started below the waist. She fitted her Morpher around her stomach. It is secured with a white belt.

She also donned on a Power Ranger visor mask, none other than the iconic Red Ranger Helmet. In the end, she also wore a pair of high-heeled boots that matched the suit. The full red hair was also a nice touch to the look. She said immense attention to the details as the Morph also had a Power Coin. That is worth some extra cool points, right?

Jenner posed and posted the picture with a caption, “go go power rangers.”

The Power Rangers account also seems to be digging the idea as they replied with, “when’s the KYLIE x POWER RANGERS drop??!!”

Kylie also posted another video where she posed with a Ranger-styled mask and a matching outfit. It looks like Kylie went all out for this year’s Halloween.

Although these costumes are not seen on the official Beast Morphers, it is nice to see Jenner opting for a little Ranger fun during Halloween.