15 Ground-breaking Lara Croft Cosplays By Some Of The Famous Cosplayers.


Having originally been a niche hobby for a convention circuit, cosplaying has now expanded and become a subculture which populates TV signals, and Pinterest feeds.

Many cosplayers have been considered as pseudo-celebrities among the fan communities, and a few make a living out of this.

There is one character who is very popular, and it draws waves of people who are willing to go through the effort to recreate this character for the real-world. Now let’s talk Tomb Raider, yes, Lara Croft. No matter what incarnation of Croft, there are so many cosplays of her.

Here we have for you 15 best Lara Croft cosplays:


15. Lena-Lara

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14. Laura Craft

13. Fuinur Croft


12. Illyne

11. Lilia Lemoine (Lady Lemon)

10. The Artful Dodger

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9. Giorgia Cosplay

8. Yuki Lefay

7. Lisa Marie Cosplay

6. Jenn Croft


5. Tanya Croft

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4. Alison Carroll

3. Sari Croft


2. Abby Dark-Star

1. Soratane