75+ Hot Pictures Of Laura Vandervoort Amazing Supergirl From Smallville TV Series


Last Updated: November 18, 2020

This post aims to deliver the hottest images and pictures of Laura Vandervoort, this young beauty is not only extremely versatile who has played characters across the genres, but, she effortlessly slides into one character from another.

Sexy Laura Vandervoort is known for her amazing role as Supergirl in the Smallville TV Series. The various fantastic performances of Laura Vandervoort have ensured that she has a fan base all over the world comprising of male as well as female fans.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Laura Dianne Vandervoort was infected with meningitis when she was only six-weeks-old and had to be hospitalized. Even as an infant, she fought and defeated the illness, and she has never backed off from fighting for something she believes in ever since.

For quite a while Laura Vandervoort was a total tomboy who was interested in athletics, martial arts, and sports.

Laura Vandervoort always had a fit body and beautiful face, she was also a member of various school sports teams such as soccer, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, and baseball. She was the “entertainer” of the group and used to act out characters and doing shows for her family and friends.

She started her career working in the background on Canadian commercials and TV shows such as “Road to Avonlea” and “Harriet, the Spy.”

She first got a speaking role when she acted in the children’s series “Goosebumps” as a thirteen-year-old and later “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” She then attended acting lessons and played guest roles in numerous TV shows and Disney films of the week “Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire” and “Alley Cats Strike.”

She was studying at York University when at the age of 19, she grabbed the lead role of “Sadie Harrison” on the CTV show “Instant Star,” a much-loved series that had a four-season run. Her first movie role was in the 2006 film “The Lookout.”

After a number of TV shows including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Laura was given the prized role of Supergirl aka Kara on The CW’s hit show Smallville. She was the main character of the 7th season of the series.

Her role in Smallville is still fondly remembered by fans all over the world. After Smallville, Laura featured in the sequel of Jessica Alba/Paul Walker starrer Into the Blue, titled Into The Blue 2: The Reef.

Laura Vandervoort is not just about her mesmerizing beauty, vast acting experience, and incredible talent, but, she also headed two campaigns for PETA, and she later took on the role of Ambassador for World Vision Canada. Laura Vandervoort will next be seen in the leading role in Jigsaw. The movie is the latest sequel in the famous “Saw: series, which is one of the highest-grossing horror film franchises ever. Given below are the hottest and sexy images of Laura Vandervoort which you might not have seen along with interesting facts about her:

Laura Vandervoort Boobs Size – 35 inches (Watch Laura Vandervoort Boobs Pictures)
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Laura Vandervoort Body Measurements – 35″ x 25″ x 35″ (Watch Laura Vandervoort Bikini Pictures)
Date Of Birth – 22 September 1984

1. Laura Vandervoort has a second-degree karate black belt.

Laura Vandervoort Bikini

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2. She began her TV acting career with horror series Goosebumps and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? aimed at kid audiences.

Laura Vandervoort Panty

3. She played the character Sandy in a high school production of the famous musical Grease.

Laura Vandervoort Smile

4. Laura studied psychology and English at York University, Toronto.

Laura Vandervoort Booty

5. She debuted on Smallville in 2007 as Kara/Supergirl.

Laura Vandervoort Lingerie

6. She voiced Mary Jane in a video game Spider-Man: Edge of Time, back in 2011

Laura Vandervoort Hot

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7. She is a PETA supporter and has even featured in an ad campaign for the organization.

Laura Vandervoort Sexy Look

8. During her stint as Ambassador for World Vision Canada, she designed a jewelry line.

Laura Vandervoort Hot Pictures

9. Laura has been working as an actress non-stop since she was just thirteen.

Laura Vandervoort Hairstyle

10. Laura has written a children’s book series for children between 7-12 age group. It has now been converted into a live-action children’s series by Shaftesbury Films. Laura is not only the writer but, also the executive producer of this project called “Super Duper Deelia.”

Laura Vandervoort Legs

11. She lives in LA now, but, spends time back home in Toronto, Canada too.

Laura Vandervoort Beautiful

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12. She is a huge fan of famous actress Meryl Streep.

Laura Vandervoort Sexy Lips

13. The Canadian actress looks super nice in this nude coloured evening gown with lace details.

Laura Vandervoort Cleavage

14. She poses for a magazine shot in a green short dress and golden strappy heels. The sunlight shines off her smooth legs which look like they are worth a million.

Laura Vandervoort Feet

15. Laura has a me time and lounges in a comfortable chair. Even though putting legs on the table is not a nice habit, we will let the actress go for her beautiful legs.

Laura Vandervoort Sexy Feet

16. The actress was a part of Alexz Johnson’s music video for Ruthless Love where she was a beautiful ballerina.

Laura Vandervoort White Dress

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17. She looks a million bucks here. The dress, her glossy legs and her chiselled face makes her look like a feast for the gods.

Laura Vandervoort Blonde Hair

18. Another interesting fact about the actress is that she voiced the character of Mary Jane in Spider Man: Edge of Time video game.

Laura Vandervoort Hottie Look

19. Her eyes shine here and she radiates happiness and exuberance in this photo. There is something about her eye makeup that makes her face light up.

Laura Vandervoort Party

20. She looks super classy and chic in this minimalist look for a charity event for The Humane Society of the United States.

Laura Vandervoort Photo Shoot

21. This still is taken from her lead role in the abc drama V. She played the role of Lisa and received much acclaim for her performance.

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22. She looks quite like a princess here in this peach coloured offshouler dress with puffy sleeves.

23. It does not matter what you wear when you have a face as beautiful as Laura Vandervoort’s.

24. She seems to enjoy herself at the beach on a much earned vacation after her hard work.

25. Laura emulates the look of a rockstar or a diva that is just set to ravage the stage with her bang on performance.

26. A close-up headshot of the actress reveals how truly beautiful she is and reveals her light coloured eyes.

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27. Laura has her time off in a vacation wearing a balck monokini and black sunglasses.





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This blonde Canadian first broke out into the scene with her sexy portrayal of Sadie Harrison in the Canadian Series Instant Stars. Since then she has well established her standing in hit projects like Bitten and Smallville. Coming Into the circuit as a teen character, she is one of the few who have successfully transcended to mature roles.

It’s sporadic that two actors get to play the same role. But Laura went through a situation like that, when years later Mellisa Benoist played the role she featured in Smallville. Though fans like to compare, Laura has made it clear that she has nothing but appreciation for Benoist.






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