Are We Going To See Doctor Fate In Legends Of Tomorrow? This Character Could be DC’s Master Of Magic.


While we saw how the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow might have trained its guns on Sara Lance and the way the demon Mallus possessed her. However, there was also the appearance of the clumsy guy we all like, the Time Bureau Agent: Gary.

Gary (Adam Tsekhman) appeared in the episode, primarily to help Ava (JesMacallan) and Constantine (Matt Ryan) in finding out how the Legends team could save Sara (CaityLotz), and it was the way Gary worked things out that made fans wonder if Gary is not just an ordinary Time Bureau agent. Now a new theory claims that Gary could be Doctor Fate.

During the episode, Gary figures out that the problem faced by the Legends is identical to a scenario of Dungeons & Dragons that he had played recently, and towards the end of the episode, Gary even manages a campaign for his fellows and Constantine. Everything seems simple enough, but, the comic books portray the Doctor Fate to be a mighty sorcerer with proficiency in mystic arts. Also, Gary did say that he is, in fact, a level 9 warlock.

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Doctor Fate also has some background with Constantine in the comic books, especially the series called Books of Magic. In the New 52, Constantine met the Doctor Fate from Earth-2. He went on to kill Doctor Fate’s enemy Wotan, which made the magician a key ally of Constantine till the time the Helmet of Fate, an extremely powerful mystical object, accompanied by two other mystical objects that granted powers to the wearer, tried to control Constantine.

Not only comic books, but, Constantine also has a TV link with Doctor Fate. During the pilot episode of Constantine on NBC, we spotted the Helmet of Fate alongside various other magical artifacts belonging to the sorcerer in his warehouse. Now that Constantine is going to be a permanent member of the series, if Legends of Tomorrow gets a season four, Doctor Fate’s arrival on the scene is not unlikely, and of course, we enjoy the thought about Gary being Mallus. To think of the fact that a guy whom Rory called as “Time Dweeb” is actually an incredibly powerful sorcerer is just the kind of insane stuff that fans have seen and loved on Legends.

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