Lele Pons Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A See-Through Dress On Her Instagram (12 Pics)

Lele Pons Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A See-Through Dress On Her Instagram

The social media star Lele Pons does not shy away from showing off her amazing body, and she knows how to flaunt her fabulous physique. She often models sexy ensembles and shares them on her Instagram account, which has more than 44M followers. She recently shared a couple of pictures on her Instagram in which she was seen donning a racy dress by Lena Berisha. The ensemble she wore featured a corset-like top with gold detailing and a light green bottom part.


Lele Pons gorgeous cleavage

The strapless top showed off her ample assets and gorgeous cleavage. It narrowed down near her stomach to emphasize her toned stomach and lovely curves. The green bottom highlighted her thighs and toned, slender legs. She teamed up her dress with matching green stilettos, which added a few extra inches to her tall figure.


Lele Pons lovely physique

The ensemble hugged her body to flaunt her lovely physique. She wore no accessories for the look, and hence her top received more highlights. Lele had her long blond locks styled straight to fall on her back and shoulder. She chose the glam side of the makeup palette, which included a nude lip color and pretty eye makeup with eyelash extension and winged liner. Her hairstyle and makeup look added to her beauty.

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Lele Pons looked charismatic

Lele looked charismatic as she stood at the door while giving a frontal view. Her pretty bosom, smooth skin, and enviable frame made her look sexy. She posed while placing her leg to the front, and her posture emphasized her lovely legs. She stared at the camera, and her seductive glare made her look enthralling.

She shared a video clip in which she turned her living room into her own runway. She cat-walked towards the camera while flexing her fantastic figure. She held the end of her skirt while flaunting her charming curves. She posted another clip in which she was seen capturing herself in the mirror. She also gave a view of her toned body. Lele moved her legs while providing a view of her attractive legs.





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