Like Compliments, Smith Is Attracting Controversies. Will Mr. Will, The All-Time Favourite Herobe Able To Sort Him Out Of Troubles Or Not?

Like Compliments, Smith Is Attracting Controversies. Will Mr. Will, The All-Time Favourite Herobe Able To Sort Him Out Of Troubles Or Not

Already in trouble, Will Smith becomes the center of controversy again, as the news of his wife Jada’s affair, floated in the air. Jada Pinkett Smith, 50, wife of the Oscar-winning actor Will Smith, was caught having an affair with August Alsina.

August was fairly young compared to Mrs. Smith was just 23 when they met through their son Jaden, who was 22. But the huge age gap didn’t stop the lady from having an affair with the young man who was very sick at the time.

It all started as financial aid and support towards the gentleman, which eventually ended up in a sexual affair. Miss Smith says on her account that being the only supporter to be there for him, they eventually got close.

The ‘entanglement’ happened in July 2020 and created headlines. Though the affair wasn’t taken to another level and was buried there only. But amidst the ongoing Oscar Slap controversy, the name August Alsina appears on the surface again.

The ex-lover of Will’s wife, Jada mentions his ‘entanglement’ with Jada in his new song track- Shake the World, which can shake Jada’s world, as the young lover also intends to use his writing skills further to write a book detailing on their sexual affair.

The Monday that just went by, was the time when he announced on Instagram by posting that something scary is bound to happen when you ‘tangle’ with a popular personality. The last time when the news was creating headlines, the Smiths managed to clear it well enough. Will Smith was a guest on Jada’s reality show- Red Table Talk.

Inviting him as a guest and clearing that they have an “open marriage” was a move smart enough to handle the defaming, and the couple, particularly Mrs. Smith never appreciated the idea of conventional marriage.

It was also widely talked about that Will himself permitted August to sleep with Jada. As vague as it sounds, it was openly and strongly rejected by Jada Pinkett saying it never happened. Will’s consent was never involved. However, Will was done with Jada.

Jada was seen as reluctant to give up on the happy family she created when she married Smith in 1997, and later became a mother to two kids- Willow, 21, and Jaden, 22. Through taking responsibility for the sexual scandal, she admits, it was a relationship, without any doubt.

After refusing it initially, she later accepts it saying that it is “healing”. The same tag she used in the current controversy of Chris Rock. Mrs. Smith also mentions that her husband shouldn’t have slapped the anchor, but isn’t sad about the fact that he did so.

The US weekly has mentioned that Jada Pinkett is not a soft girl, who can not take her stand, hence Smith should have maintained his temper. The couple has mutually shown the same response.

But as the consequences are arising keeping in scenario Will’s behavior, he might be having issues with his cast also on the question of his removal. It’s on time to tell now how the couple manages to solve both the controversies with an arrow- by doing a red table show again? Or getting violent?