Lili Reinhart Hot – 7 Lesser Known Facts About Betty Cooper From Riverdale

Lili Reinhart Hot - 7 Lesser Known Facts About Betty Cooper From Riverdale

Lili Reinhart has now become a very popular actress, and she plays everyone’s favorite character, Betty Cooper on Riverdale. A lot of the love and fanbase that she has garnered has to do with her fantastic body that makes the men fall for her almost immediately. Although one would think she is a very popular actress and model, the internet is home to just a few facts about this successful woman. Even after going through the internet for hours, the only points that the fans may pick up is that she was born in the United States and that she starred in Riverdale. We believe that the true fans would like to know more about her and so we have gathered a lot of facts about her for you.

1. She loved acting since she was young

When the actress was just 10, she had developed a burning passion and love for the arts, and she had started singing, acting and dancing. She even said that once she had begged her mother to drive her to New York for auditions.

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2. She has a younger sister

Lili has a younger sister named Tessa who looks almost identical to her. The two could almost pass for twins! They keep posting a lot of pictures together on social media, and people keep confusing them for each other.

Lili Reinhart Sister

3. She Has 4 Tattoos

Lili has a rose, a cross, an Earth sign, and arrow tattoos. The rose tattoo represents how she’s a “warrior for love” and “wears her heart on her sleeve,” and the arrow tattoo represents mental health awareness.

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4. She is very close to all her Riverdale costars

She is very good friends with all her Riverdale co-stars especially with Camilla Mendes who plays Veronica. During season one of Riverdale, she was roommates with her costar Madeline Petsch who plays Cheryl Blossom and lived together when they were filming in Vancouver.

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5. She’s very Good at Special-Effects Makeup

Although the actress does not like to wear makeup when she is not shooting for the tv show, she is insanely good with a makeup brush. She has posted a lot of photos of her impressive special-effects makeup skills on Instagram and has dressed up as a lot of popular pop culture characters.

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6. She’s an Advocate For Mental Health Awareness

After becoming famous, Lili has been open and honest about her struggle with anxiety and depression. She even got a tattoo to mark her journey with mental health awareness. She also supported her fellow costar Chris Wood (Mon-El on Supergirl) for the IDONTMIND campaign.

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7. She is Dating Her Costar Cole Sprouse

The actress has been rumored to be dating her onscreen love interest, Cole Sprouse (Jughead on Riverdale). The two have now started dating in real life. While the two try a lot to avoid any media scrutiny on their relationship, they have shown off a lot of their bonding from time to time on social media platforms.

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