Lionheart Sequel With Van Damme To Start Shooting Later In 2018

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The Jean-Claude Van Johnson show which was to feature Jean-Claude Van Damme might have been scrapped after a solo season, but, it hasn’t affected the actor and martial arts expert. Van Damme announced Lionheart 2 on social media and stated that production will begin later in 2018. This is truly a mega news for his fans, such as President Donald Trump who adores the martial artist’s work. JCVD recently commemorated the 30 anniversary of Bloodsport, a film which Trump had called his favorite in 1997 and now he is all set to once again play one of his most famous roles in the sequel to LIonheart.

He shared a post on Instagram (since deleted), where JCVD declared that Lionheart 2 is being developed and the filming will start later in the year. We don’t know why he removed that psot because the Rodin Entertainment website is still showing the poster as well as a brief synopsis. Further, the site has mentioned that a director hasn’t been signed yet, and the film is in pre-produciton. You can check the Lionheart 2 synopsis below:

“A cynical street hustler takes in a talented fighter on the lam from the authorities, helping the fighter raise money for his family as he uses him to pay down his own large gambling debts through underground street fights. As the fighter slowly discovers the connection between his family’s tragedy and the hustler’s boss, he realizes that, on the streets, it’s hard to tell friend from foe, and even harder to do something about it.”


Jean-Claude Van Damme has been working a lot these days and his upcoming movies’ slate is a reflection of that. Apart from Lionheart 2, he also has a ‘The Quest’ sequel in development, and also the action dramas The Bouncer and We Die Young. The four projects are at various stages of the development cycle and each one has got a poster and a synopsis. It might just be too much of work  for the 57-year-old actor, and he might be realizing that only now.

Lionheart had released in January 1991 and it bolstered JCVD’s stature as one of the most sought after action stars in Hollywood. While the film was critically slammed upon its release, fans enjoyed it, and it earned over $24 million at global box office against a budget of $6 million. We have heard rumors about a sequel for many years, but, this is the first time that we are actually hearing some official word.

Jean Claude Van Damme’s fans have waited over 27 years for a Lionheart sequel, and their wish might be closer to getting fulfilled now. As of now a release date has not been assigned to Lionheart 2, and as stated above a director is also not finalized yet. But, we expect further details to emerge soon. You can visit the Rodin Entertainment website to read the synopsis and check out the Lionheart 2 poster.