70+ Hot Pictures Of Liza Soberano That You Can’t Miss

49 Hot Pictures Of Liza Soberano That You Can’t Miss

Last Updated: July 06, 2020

The hottest images and pictures of Liza Soberano are truly epic. While we are talking about Liza Soberano beauty, skills, and professional life, we want to now take you on a ride through a Liza Soberano bikini photo gallery. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest Liza Soberano bikini pictures that will make you fall in love with Liza Soberano. So sit back and enjoy a thrill-ride of Liza Soberano big booty pictures. These Liza Soberano big butt pictures are sure to leave you mesmerized and awestruck. In this section, enjoy our galleria of Liza Soberano near-nude pictures as well.

Born as Hope Elizabeth “Liza” Soberano on January 4, 1998 in Santa Clara, California, she is a Filipino-American actress. After her parents separated, she was raised by her paternal grandparents in Visalia, California. She was ten years old when she moved to Manila to live with her father and relatives.

At the age of 12, she was offered modelling jobs for print ads. She was 13, when a talent scout noticed her and she was introduced to Ogie Diaz, who is her present talent manager. She was not able to speak Tagalog back then, and her manager motivated her to master the language so she could get good TV and movie roles. Soberano’s acting debut was in the fantasy drama comedy anthology Wansapanataym (2011). She became famous after she played the role of Maria Agnes Calay, in the romantic comedy television series Forevermore (2014-2015) with Enrique Gil. Later on, she has played starring roles alongside Gil in romantic comedy movies like Just The Way You Are, Everyday I Love You (both in 2015), My Ex and Whys (2017), and the television series Dolce Amore (2016) and Bagani (2018). She is also Campaign Asia-Pacific’s most popular endorser of 2017. Internationally renowned Dubai based couture designer Michael Cinco who didn’t know Soberano or her works commented about her beauty on Instagram upon seeing her photo, and the fashion and celebrity photographer Mark Nicdao called Soberano “The New Paraluman” on an Instagram post on his account, nodding to the famous Filipina actress Paraluman, who during her peak years, was renowned for her beauty.

Media has often called her as “one of Philippine television’s most beautiful faces.” However, according to Soberano, “I appreciated it, but, sometimes that’s all they notice. I don’t want them to remember me because I’m pretty.” She wishes to be recognized for her confidence and ability to take new roles in her career. She is presently attending the Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU), and studying Psychology.

These sexy Liza Soberano bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Yes, Liza Soberano is a very sexy woman and Liza Soberano’s bra and breast size prove that Liza Soberano can carry off any dress in style. So, we have also gathered a few Liza Soberano bikini and swimsuit featuring Liza Soberano’s face and body pictures as well.

Apart from the mind-blowing images that will show you Liza Soberano Red carpet images, photos taken of Liza Soberano bikini images at the beach and those from Liza Soberano promotional and magazine shoots, we will also show you a few of Liza Soberano’s cutest pictures, hi-res wallpapers, high- quality background, and animated GIFs.

Liza Soberano Boobs Size – 33 inches (Watch Liza Soberano Boobs Pictures)
Liza Soberano Ass Size – 34 inches (Watch Liza Soberano Butt Pictures)
Liza Soberano Body Measurements – 33″ x 24″ x 34″
Date Of Birth – 4 January 1998

1. The Filipina-American actress looks youthful in this bikini shot. She seems to be ruffling her hair and staring right into the camera with her blue eyes.

Liza Soberano Hot in Black BIkini

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2. Liza shows off her tush and her dainty body in a back pose on a yacht while out on a vacation.

Liza Soberano Sexy Ass

3. She looks super skinny and toned in this shot. Her black push up bra makes her cleavage more pronounced.

Liza Soberano Hot Photoshoot

4. Liza looks like a princess but then again she always looks like one.

Liza Soberano Prince Look

5. She is caught undressing a pink sequin dress and emulates the expression of a deer caught in the headlights.

Liza Soberano Hot

6. The choker says “baby girl” and Liza definitely is one. The messy hair and catty eyes make her look super chic.

Liza Soberano Hot Photoshoot

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7. The American actress looks classy and elite in her yellow tone shades.

Liza Soberano Hot in Beautifull Gaugle

8. Liza looks like a forest nymph in this photo. Her toothy smile makes her look quite innocent.

Liza Soberano Beautifull

9. The actress emulates the style of old Hollywood actresses in this vintage-style shades and latex dress.

Liza Soberano Hot in Gaugle

10. Her makeup is so on-point in this photo. The nude and dewy makeup adds on to her innocent vibe while not compromising on her chic style.

Liza Soberano Photoshoot

11. The shot seems to be taken right from a fashion magazine cover.

Liza Soberano on Photoshoot

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12. The bangs and scarlet lipstick make the actress look super hot and edgy.

Liza Soberano Red Lips

13. Another shot from a high-class fashion magazine. We don’t see much of her but she sure knows how to get the most perfect shot.

Liza Soberano Hot in Black Gaugle

14. Liza looks ravishing in a simple cami, spherical dangler earrings and an oversized straw hat. She looks ready for another afternoon at the beach.

Liza Soberano on Photoshoot

15. The actress wears a signature vintage Chanel jacket and skirt.

Liza Soberano Long Hair


Liza Soberano Beautifull Lips

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Liza Soberano on Bed


Liza Soberano Hot Pics


Liza Soberano Long Hair


Liza Soberano Beautifull Hairstyle


Liza Soberano Beautifull Hairband

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Liza Soberano Photoshoot


Liza Soberano Photoshoot Photo


Liza Soberano Red Lips


Liza Soberano Hot in Black Gaugle


Liza Soberano Beautifull

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Liza Soberano Hot in Leather Jacket


Liza Soberano on Photoshoot Pics


Liza Soberano on Photoshoot


Liza Soberano Beautifull Hairstyle


Liza Soberano Hot in Red Dress

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Liza Soberano Hot in Jeans


Liza Soberano Beautifull


Liza Soberano Beautifull Pics


Liza Soberano on Photoshoot Pics


Liza Soberano on Photoshoot

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Liza Soberano Photoshoot Pics


Liza Soberano Photoshoot


Liza Soberano Hot Dress


Liza Soberano Hot Photoshoot


Liza Soberano Photoshoot Photo

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Liza Soberano Beautifull Lips


Liza Soberano Photoshoot Pics


Liza Soberano Beautifull


Liza Soberano Photoshoot Pics


Liza Soberano Sexy Feet on High Heels

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Liza Soberano Smile


Liza Soberano Hot Legs


Liza Soberano Photoshoot Photo

Liza Soberano is repeatedly touted in Philippine media as one of the most beautiful faces of the country. She has a very delicate structure, which gives her bone structure the chance to come out. Her thin body regularly graces the screen or the Red carpet with the most amazing clothes. Her assets though small, mesh very well with her lighter body. Her breakthrough happened with Forevermore, and she continued the success with Just The Way You Are (2015), Everyday I Love You (2015), My Ex and Whys (2017), Alone/Together (2019) and the television series Dolce Amore (2016) and Bagani (2018).

Liza’s association with a Philippine food chain gave her the worst wave of criticism, when in her campaign, she tried to portray Mel B, aka Scary Spice, with darkened skin. Many people found it to be equivalent to doing blackface. Soberano immediately issued an apology.



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