Loris Karius Enjoys In Mykonos On Yacht With A Brunette Beauty Who Looks Hot And Sizzling (12 Pics)

Loris Karius Enjoys In Mykonos On Yacht With A Brunette Beauty Who Looks Hot And Sizzling

The 27-year-old footballer Loris Karius has previously revealed his split from his long-term girlfriend, actress Sophia Thomalla. He was recently spotted in Mykonos while spending a relaxing day on the yacht. He was seen with a brunette beauty who looked sexy in a skimpy bikini.


Sophia Thomalla sexy

She was seen lying on the deck while being topless. Her toned back and pert derriere were visible as she enjoyed soaking in the sun.


Sophia Thomalla stunning physique

She was seen resting at the yacht deck while looking at the blue water. The brunette bombshell donned a tiny bikini top with string detailing and a matching bottom that flaunted her stunning physique and lovely legs. Her long hair was styled straight to fall on her back and shoulder. Her wet hair and damp skin made her look tempting.

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Sophia Thomalla sexy pic

Loris was seen having a hard time while staying away from the lady. He sat in front of her while she wetted her hair and then rinsed out the water.


Sophia Thomalla hot pic

He was seen smiling fondly at her while watching her closely. Loris showed off his ripped physique and inked skin as he was wearing swimming trunks.


Sophia Thomalla sexy pics

As soon as the beauty ended her bathing session, the goalkeeper engulfed her in a warm back hug.


Sophia Thomalla looked relaxed

They looked relaxed in each other’s embrace.


Sophia Thomalla passionate kiss

Loris also pulled her in a passionate kiss as they stood on the deck.

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Sophia Thomalla sexy look pic

They were also seen lying side by side while chatting together.


Sophia Thomalla frequent kisses

Loris and the lady were cuddling together with frequent kisses.


Sophia Thomalla hot look

The footballer was also seen resting his head on her lap while eating fruit from the bowl kept beside them.

This came after the footballer revealed that he broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Sophia. They confirmed their relationship back in 2018 after they were spotted locking lips on Miami Beach. Though Sophia is yet to post a response on social media about their split, he confirmed it, “Yes, I saw the pictures today as well. There is only one thing left to say: we are no couple anymore.” However, Loris posted an ‘apology’ after being seen with the brunette lady. He wrote, “Yesterday, Sophia and I were shown pictures from my holiday which show me with a different woman. Unfortunately, it is true that we have grown apart from some time now. I feel bad that it ended this way and I want to apologise for that.”