Lucifer Is Cancelled, Fans Are Extremely Furious, Fox May Have To Bring It Back.


The show starred Tom Ellis as the Devil, Lucifer Morningstar, who joined LAPD as a consultant after he was fed up as the Lord of Hell.

The Monday night TV series was based on a character created by the trio of Neil Gaiman,  Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg, that had debuted first in Vertigo comic book’s series The Sandman, and he later got his own spinoff series.

Lucifer’s upcoming season 3 finale episode, scheduled for May 14, is going to be the ultimate series finale.

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“It has been the most amazing experience over the past three years playing Lucifer and falling in love with you, the fans,” Ellis tweeted on Friday.

“It fills me with great sadness to confirm the rumors that some of you have been asking,” Ellis wrote, also stating that the sudden cancellation had him “gutted.”

A fan Sarah Somerhalder wrote on Twitter, “How could they cancel Lucifer? How?”

The show “denounces homophobia, sexism, racism,” and has “LGBT+ characters,”Somerhalder mentioned, and also added that the show is “actually funny, but it also makes you cry sometimes.”

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“We don’t have any other shows like that,”Somerhalder wrote, and then added a plea targeting the @FOXTV Twitter account.

A hashtag #SaveLucifer has also come up in the wake of the series’ cancellation, aiming to bring together fans in a united effort to convince FOX to reconsider their decision.

“I love you for making noise,”Lucifer showrunner IldyModrovich tweeted, encouraging fans to use the hashtags #Lucifer and #SaveLucifer.