Madalina Diana Ghenea Shows Off Her Boobs As She Poses In Black Lingerie (11 Pics)

Madalina Diana Ghenea Shows Off Her Boobs As She Poses In Black Lingerie

The actress Madalina Diana Ghenea is well known for her stunning physique and beauty. She knows how to charm her followers, which has helped her earn more than 1M followers on her Instagram. She often posts racy snaps on her Instagram to update her fans who cannot stop praising her sensuality. Recently, she shared a bunch of photos in which she was seen posing in a revealing black top which was teamed up with a matching black bottom.

The top she wore had a plunging neckline which showed off her pretty cleavage and ample assets. The matching bottom complimented her gorgeous curves and toned legs. She accessorized her look with a golden choker which made her look sizzling. Her long hair was styled to fall on her shoulder and back as she posed for the image. Madalina chose the glam side of the makeup palette, which included pretty eye makeup with eyeshadow and a pink lip color that decorated her plump lips.


Madalina Diana Ghenea pretty cleavage

In one of the images, she was seen looking seductively at the camera while holding a rose in her hand. Her glare at the camera made her look appealing.


Madalina Diana Ghenea look tempting

She also posed while throwing her head back, which made her look tempting.

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Madalina Diana Ghenea sexy cleavage

She also gave a view of her sexy cleavage while posing for the photos.


Madalina Diana Ghenea sexy

She removed the straps of her top, which loosely hung from her shoulder as she stood while holding her rose in her mouth. Her sexy body and radiant skin added to her beauty as she posed for the pictures.


Madalina Diana Ghenea looked sexy

The model looked sexy as she tilted her head with her eyes closed while holding the rose on her ear.


Madalina Diana Ghenea stunning curves

She arched her back slightly to give a view of her stunning curves and toned legs.


Madalina Diana Ghenea pretty

She shared another close-up photo in which she showed off her pretty collarbone and radiant skin.

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Madalina Diana Ghenea bosom

She placed her hands on her bosom to flaunt her ample assets.


Madalina Diana Ghenea sexy look

She looked enthralling as she turned her face away from the camera with her eyes closed. The model captioned the photos, “The magic of @perazna #nofilter #noretouch @damianiofficial.”