Madelaine Petsch Hot – 9 Lesser Known Facts About Cheryl Blossom From Riverdale

Madelaine Petsch Hot - 9 Lesser Known Facts About Cheryl Blossom From Riverdale

Madelaine Petsch has now become a very popular actress, and she plays everyone’s favorite character, Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale. A lot of the love and fanbase that she has garnered has to do with her amazing body that make the men fall for her almost immediately. Although one would think she is a very popular actress and model, the internet is home to just a few facts about this successful woman. Even after going through the internet for hours, the only points that the fans may pick up is that she was born in South Africa and that she starred in Riverdale. We believe that the true fans would like to know more about her and so we have gathered a lot of facts about her for you.

1. The Leo Girl
Her birthday is on August 10th, 1994. This makes her a Leo! Leo's are known for being creative, bold, and outgoing. It’s no wonder she got to play the fiery character of Cheryl Blossom with such ease!

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2. She’s South African!
She may speak like an American, but in reality, both of her parents are from South Africa. So Madelaine was born in South Africa but later moved to the United States where she spent most of her childhood in Washington.

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3. Madelaine was not supposed to be her name!
Madelaine has stated that her dad was something of a hippie and wanted to name her Street. But her parents finally compromised and added “lane” to her name, and that’s how she became Madelaine.

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4. She’s a Vegan

After being raised as a vegetarian, Madelaine decided to become a vegan when she was a teenager. She has also never had ice cream before because she is lactose intolerance.

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5. She Grew Up Reading Archie Comics

Even though she wasn’t as familiar with Cheryl’s character growing up, her dad used to give her the Sunday strips for her to read while she ate her breakfast in the morning.

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6. She Had Auditioned For Another CW Show First

Madelaine was auditioning for The CW show, Legends of Tomorrow at first. But the redhead actress caught the attention of casting director David Rapaport. So they asked her to read for producers as Betty during her audition, as Madelaine’s script was not ready yet. She got the part after five months.

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7. She Lived With Lili Reinhart

Madelaine admitted that she’s very good friends with her Riverdale co-star, Lili Reinhart and had lived together in Vancouver when she was filming the very first season.

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8. She’s Dating Travis Mills

The actress is currently dating the “Don’t Need Much” rapper, Travis Mills. Interestingly, he had auditioned for the role of Jughead on Riverdale. After season one premiered, he messaged her to congratulate her on the show, and they decided to add each other on Facebook. From then, one thing led to another and are now a cute couple.

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9. She’s Afraid of Water

Anyone who has watched the first season of Riverdale knows that a lot of the Blossom siblings scenes take place near the river. Ironically, Madelaine is actually terrified of large bodies of water in real life as she almost drowned and her mother pulled her out in time.

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