Maintaining A Sporty Look, Kaley Was Seen With Sister Briana

Maintaining A Sporty Look, Kaley Was Seen With Sister Briana

Spending time with her sister, Kaley Cuoco was seen in Tribeca, New York, last Friday, as she walked with her sister. The 36-year-old actress was dressed up casually as she chose to wear a full sleeve white top, with green full-length bottoms. The star rolled her hair in a messy bun and wore round black sunglasses.

She also wore comfortable foot ware- a pair of white sneakers. She was seen smiling widely as she hung out with her sister. She accessorizes her sporty look, she wore a brown leather sling bag. She also wore a plain and thin bracelet on her wrist. The California-based star was seen holding a coffee glass.

At the same time, she was carrying a white bag and her cell phone in one hand. Seems like the sisters went shopping together. The Big Bang Theory lead was rocking in a sporty-yet-casual attire. Her sister-cum-best friend was seen walking past her side. Wearing a green oversized hoodie, she accompanied her sister- Kaley.

Co-star with Kaley on The Flight Attendant, the 33-year-old star- Briana wore loose denim pants. She too was holding an iced coffee, while holding a black jacket in the other hand. Her jet-black tresses were covering her shoulders. Kaley has recently joined the production line, apart from acting. She is currently an executive producer.

She is looking after the production of a dark comedy series on HBO. She reveals in an Interview that she absolutely extended no help toward her younger sister in getting the role, and that’s it’s her talent purely. Briana currently appears as Cecilia on the show. She also reveals that she was not even aware that Briana is planning for an audition.

Kaley says that we kept the auditions open and were not aware that she was going to appear. She also says that when she looked at her tape, she immediately backed off from making any decision, as for her, her little sister is the best. Though the team loved her skills and finalized the decision to cast her at once.

The show has aired and two episodes of the same are available on HBO Max. The star hence concludes that her sister got the part purely on her talent, not with Kaley’s assistance.