Malu Trevejo Models Skimpy Bikinis To Flaunt Her Pretty Boobs And Curves (11 Pics)

Malu Trevejo Models Skimpy Bikinis To Flaunt Her Pretty Boobs And Curves

The singer Malu Trevejo is often praised by her fans for her eye-popping curves and enviable frame, and she is also aware of her charms and beauty. She loves to show off her sexy body, and for that, she often posts racy snaps on her Instagram. Her beauty and charisma have helped her garner more than 10M followers on her Instagram.


Malu Trevejo charming cleavage

She was recently seen posing in a lacy black lingerie set which featured a skimpy top and a matching bottom. The top part featured a gold ring detailing at the middle and had thin black straps. The tiny top showed off her ample assets, charming cleavage, and toned stomach as she posed for the picture. The matching bottom she wore flaunted her toned stomach, lovely curves, and toned legs. As the model sat down while posing, her sexy body was on display.


Malu Trevejo lovely curves

Malu accessorized her look with a watch, bracelets, necklace, and a few shiny rings. Her dark hair was styled in box braids with gold extensions which fell on her bosom. She showed off her freshly manicured nails while posing. She chose the glam side of the makeup palette, which included pretty eye makeup with eyelash extensions and pink lip color. Her seductive glare at the camera made her look dashing.

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Malu Trevejo look dashing

She was also seen flashing a charming smile while posing for the picture, which illuminated the frame. She used the caption, “(emoji) love on me.”


Malu Trevejo sexy

The singer was also seen posing in a skimpy orange dress which had a cut-out detailing at the front. The crisscross top part with a cut-out emphasized her ample assets and toned stomach, while the short dress flexed her toned legs. Her radiant, inked skin added to her sensuality.


Malu Trevejo look enigmatic

Malu had her mid-parted long hair styled in a bun and had a few locks caressing her face. She wore a glam makeup look which made her look enigmatic.


Malu Trevejo sexy butt

As she stood on her balcony while slightly arching her back, her curves looked more defined.


Malu Trevejo lovely legs

She was seen lying on a couch while flaunting her lovely legs. Her sultry glare added to her sensuality.

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Malu Trevejo hot

She was also seen smiling at the camera while posing for another image. She used the caption, “(emoji) island girl.”