Malu Trevejo Twerks On The Yacht While Flexing Her Peachy Booty (11 Pics)

Malu Trevejo Twerks On The Yacht While Flexing Her Peachy Booty

The singer Malu Trevejo loves to flaunt her sensational figure, and for that, she often poses in skimpy bikinis and underwear. As a result, her Instagram account brims with sensuality. She was recently seen hanging out on a yacht. She wore a skimpy sky blue bra top and a matching bikini bottom. The tiny triangle top flexed her ample assets and lovely cleavage, while the matching bottom part flaunted her toned stomach, marvelous curves.


Malu Trevejo look gorgeous

Malu styled her long curly hair to fall on her back. She wore a light makeup look which made her look gorgeous. As she was having fun on the yacht deck, she decided to tease her followers while showing off some sexy dance moves. Her skimpy bikini bottom and plump derriere made her look enthralling as she twerked on the boat. She shared a video of herself while dancing on the yacht. She was seen shaking her booty while bending towards the front, which flexed her curves, slender legs.


Malu Trevejo sitting down

She was also seen sitting down on the deck while twerking. She occasionally turned her head to look at the camera.

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Malu Trevejo booty

She was also seen sitting with her back towards the camera while moving her derriere. Malu made a naughty face as one of her pals hit her booty.


Malu Trevejo stunning physique

She gradually came towards the camera while showing off her stunning physique. Her toned stomach and ample assets could be seen in the photo.


Malu Trevejo pretty curves

She also adjusted her bottom while giving a view of her pretty curves.


Malu Trevejo hot

Soon after that, she got back to her initial position and started twerking again. The video ended with Malu smiling at the camera.


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