Maria Pedraza Poses In A Skimpy Bikini As She Soaks Up In The Sun With Friend Juanjo Almeida (12 Pics)

Maria Pedraza Poses In A Skimpy Bikini As She Soaks Up In The Sun With Friend Juanjo Almeida

The Spanish actress Maria Pedraza is well known for her beauty and charms, and she barely leaves out a chance to show off her stunning physique. She has already appeared in popular Netflix series like Elite and House of Paper. In addition, she garnered the attention of the international audience for playing the role of a robber in Money Heist. She often posts sultry pictures on her Instagram, which has more than 12M followers. The 25-year-old is blessed with an enviable frame, and she showed it off while enjoying a beach day in Ibiza with her friend, Juanjo Almeida. Maria modeled a skimpy bikini as they basked in the sun. The ensemble she wore featured a tiny triangle top with string detailing and a black-nude half-half design bottom.

The tiny triangle top showed off her ample assets, smooth skin, and lovely cleavage while the bottom part flexed her gorgeous curves, taut stomach, and thighs. She wore no accessories, which added to her beauty. Her long dark locks fell on her back and shoulder to make her look dashing. She chose a no-makeup look for the beach day, probably because she had the intention to go into the water to cool off. Her no-makeup look appreciated her naturally beautiful facial features, which made her appealing. The ensemble hugged her body to highlight her stunning body as she posed for Juanjo’s camera while enjoying herself in the water.


Maria Pedraza gorgeous physique

After basking in the sun, Maria went into the water to cool off. She stood in waist-deep water while giving a view of her gorgeous physique and sensational curves. Her messy hair added to her beauty.


Maria Pedraza sexy

She swam around to enjoy herself. She squeezed the water out of her water, and her damp body, wet hair added to her sensuality.

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Maria Pedraza lovely curves

Juanjo joined her after a while and dashed towards her. He wore green swimming trunks while being topless. He became Maria’s personal photographer for the day.


Maria Pedraza toned figure

Maria was seen standing in the water while flexing her back. Her lovely curves and toned figure were visible in the picture.


Maria Pedraza sexy pic

She also gave the camera a full frontal view.


Maria Pedraza toned back

As she moved around in the water, her pert derriere and toned back were also visible.


Maria Pedraza hot pic

Their impromptu photo session continued as Maria posed while moving her hands. She enjoyed the beach day and let the camera capture her happy moments.

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Maria Pedraza hot

She was also seen floating in the water when Juanjo clicked her photo.


Maria Pedraza happy moments

She pulled Juanjo in her embrace while posing selfies. Juanjo made a funky face while capturing himself.


Maria Pedraza slender figure

Maria also took a couple of pictures of her friend. They came out of the water while Maria showed off her toned, slender figure and lovely legs.