Marisol Nichols Hot – 8 Lesser Known Facts About Hermione Lodge From Riverdale

Marisol Nichols Hot - 8 Lesser Known Facts About Hermione Lodge From Riverdale

Marisol Nichols is a very hot actress and has grown now become a super popular actress after she brought everyone’s favorite character,Hermione Lodge from the Archies comics to life in the movie, Riverdale. A lot of the loyalty, love, and fanbase that she has garnered has to do with her stunning looks and her sexy body that make all the men fall for her
almost immediately. Although one would think she is a very famous and hot actress, the internet seems to have very few facts a few facts about this successful and talented actress. The fans may have searched the internet for hours and ended up with just a few facts about her. These include the facts about where she was born and what schools she studied at. We believe that the true fans would like to know more about her and so we have gathered a lot of facts about her for you.

1. Her childhood

She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her father is of Hungarian and Romanian descent and her mother Maria is a Mexican. She has two younger brothers. She was a rebellious teenager growing up.

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2. Before Riverdale

Before she starred as Veronicas Lodge’s mother, she was best known as Special Agent Nadia Yassir in the TV series 24. Her film credits include Can’t Hardly Wait, Felon and Scream 2.

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3. Humanitarian

She is very passionate about human rights issues and tries her best to give back to the society. She is also an activist and humanitarian and became the founder and executive director of the Slavery-Free World Foundation.

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4. Her first acting role

In 1996, she appeared in episodes of Due South and Beverly Hills, 90210. In 1997 she made her movie debut in the film Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

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5. She has brown eyes

Eyes are the features that set people apart. The eyes of a person can say a lot about a person’s thoughts and emotions as well. This actress is no different, and she has beautiful dark brown eyes which really bring out her features.

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6. She practices Scientology.

The actress is well-learned, and education played a very crucial role in her life. Marisol Nichols had her first encounter with Scientology when her chiropractor introduced this exciting field of science to her.

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7. She’s the Scorpion

People whose Zodiac sign is Scorpio are known to be passionate and assertive people. One cannot deny the fact that Marisol Nichols is very passionate about almost anything she takes up and is determined to reach her goals.

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8. Her height

The actress has a lovely body and great hair. Her smile and character add to her charisma as well. Now to complement all this is her height. The wonderful lady sports a height of 5” 4inches.

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