20 Astonishing Images Of Marvel & DC Actresses Prove That Superhero Movies Have Most Beautiful People From Hollywood.


If there is one thing that we have learned from the comic book superheroes, then that is the fact about it being an essential requirement for the superheroes to be physically endowed and when it comes to female superheroes, they have to be drop-dead gorgeous and at the same time intelligent enough to out-think a computer. No wonder, we all fantasized about seeing our popular female superheroes in human form.

With the arrival of Marvel Cinematic Universe and DCEU, this wish was fulfilled when we saw various beautiful actresses being cast as superheroes. While Marvel Cinematic Universe roped in the famous Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson to play Black Widow, even DC got its game right when the former Miss Israel and ex-Israel army trainer Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman. Both of these beauties are among the hottest Hollywood actresses at present. Not only are they physically endowed, but, are good at action and intellect as well. Therefore, it would be appropriate to say that they are the exact definition of how a female superhero should be. Let’s look at the photographic proofs of their drop-dead gorgeous looks which will make you drool for sure!

Gorgeous in Floral Dress!

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Super Sexy in Printed Dress!

Backless Hot!


Just Wow!

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Hot in Black Dress!


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The Real Beauty!

Green Eyes!

That Smile!

Wonderful Looks!

Hot AF!

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Monochrome Beauty!

No One Can Resist Her Beauty!