Marvel Is Going To Give Us Showdown Between Spider-Man And Peter Parker


Marvel is indicating that a real physical battle between Peter Parker and his alternate personality, the web-slinging Spider-Man is coming up in Amazing Spider-Man #3, which, to be honest, is not much surprising since the hero has a history of facing clones and inter-dimensional travel.


For a lot of heroes, battling their non-hero identities would be weird, but, it is not that crazy for Spider-Man. There have been numerous occasions when he has come face to face with his own self over the years, and most recent such incidents as in the reality changing “Spiderpoint” time-travel saga which is currently playing out in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man.

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The chances are strong that the new creative team comprising of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottey are cooking up a great twist for the battle. We are going to find out more when the title will relaunch with a fresh #1 in July, a grand event which might also feature the come back of the iconic black Spider-Man suit, new roommates and various other key alterations to the present appearance of the Spidey.

The battle between Spider-Man and Peter Parker is likely to feature in Amazing Spider-Man #3, which will go on sale on August 8. The first issue created by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottey will be out on Wednesday, July 11.